Professional and Responsive Car Dealer WordPress Themes for Automotive Websites 2018

In this modern age, the car is the most significant invention among all which is used globally and the demand for automobiles is ever growing.
The businesses who want to be on the top in this contemporary age and who always want to have an edge over others can easily achieve this by having a beautiful, well designed professional looking and fully functional WordPress theme. The following professional and modern themes are suitable for the automobile industry.


Jevelin theme

Jevelin is an all-rounder beautifully crafted WordPress theme which is quite dominant for its brilliant features and beautiful design. It has built-in multiple demos and works perfectly for the automotive websites without any hassle.
The pre-built options include portfolios, blogs, and layouts with several headers and footer designs. The portfolio feature is a must-have for the Automotive websites displaying cars on the front page for the user to view them in a clean way.
The Jevelin theme is built in such a way so that everyone can benefit from this theme in whatever way they desire, with tons of custom widgets to choose from to make customization a breeze. The sales part of the website is handled by the WooCommerce plug-in. The Google Map integration is a cool feature to add to your website to show the multiple locations of your website virtually. The Drag and drop builder makes it easy to make your website your way, plus more features like the MegaMenu etc. It is also responsive theme adaptable on all devices. A definite must-have.


motors theme

Motors is an extremely powerful and inventive WordPress theme for automotive vehicles. There are 8 stylish and unique demos to choose from according to the brand needs and requirements. It has demo’s exclusive for repairs, car rentals and magazines etc. It has a powerful search filter that lets you find what type of vehicle you are looking for easily.
The finance calculator feature is quite helpful for users to calculate their monthly installments. There is also a feature comparison side by side to make decision making even easier for the user. Layouts are available if you decide to sell your vehicle where you can feed the necessary information related to your car etc. This theme will definitely be an upgrade for your automotive business.


CarZone theme

CarZone is a fully functional and visually proficient automotive WordPress theme. It is quite versatile for all sorts of niches in the automotive industry, from automotive blogs to car dealership it covers all and includes all the necessary features.
However, the theme specializes in catering to the needs exclusive to car repair and car towing services solutions. All the effective layouts, the necessary features, pre-designed templates which are customizable to your needs are all included for every type of car towing or car service website.
Contact Form feature included to request for quotes and organized pricing tables and pricing guidelines features are also included. Easy to manage product portfolios is also quite an important feature which makes doing business much easier.
It is a beautiful responsive to the necessary plug-ins. This theme is perfect for the automotive business.

Auto Zone

AutoZone theme

AutoZone is a creative and modern OnePage WordPress theme suitable for auto dealers, car dealership and automotive businesses with unlimited color schemes and multiple blog posts design suitable according to the business theme.
A very polished and professional looking theme is quite achievable with the help of this theme, and absolutely no coding is required. Custom headers along with a premium slider plug-in are also included which makes the pages more smooth looking and attractive to the user.
With front-end design option you can customize your website with ease with colors, fonts and backgrounds etc. Easily reachable and user-friendly design on all mobile devices along with the WooCommerce plug-in also installed, you can easily market your products globally.


Bengkel theme

Bengkel is a beautiful and attractive WordPress business theme completely compatible for business users in the automotive industry. It is designed to specifically meet the requirements of automotive and service business. You can easily use it from car rentals to car service, car wash, automotive part distribution and many more option to make the website as engaging as possible for the right audience, along with the portfolio option to showcase the automotive products elegantly to the users.
The SiteOrigin builder allows the user to create a powerful dynamic website to capture the audience they want to by highlighting all the awesome business features they have to offer. The Live Customizer helps to customize the site from the front end along with the one-click import demo. This theme is the right option for you!


Automotive theme

The Automotive theme is functional and visually very appealing to the audience, it is also clutter free which means the users will be able to browse through the website hassle free. It is perfect for both small and large automotive businesses.
The best feature in this particular theme is the ingenious inventory management that is easy to set up and fully customizable, and sortable too. There is also a filter option for the customers to filter out any vehicles they are not interested in. It is also WooCommerce compatible which will generate sales plus a loan calculator feature is also available for the users. This is the theme which all automotive business should definitely invest in.


AutoStars theme

AutoStars is a very modern and dynamic WordPress theme and highly responsive for automotive listings and car dealership themes.
It is designed to meet the specific needs of the business which includes all sorts of listings from new car listing to an old car and also includes an antique car listing niche as well.
It has a very powerful listing management option feature in the theme; you can choose the badges you want to add on your listing, the attributes you want to show on the page of the listing for your product with a simple drag and drop from the options. The search listing options give the user to search the required vehicle they are looking for. Another important feature of the AutoStar is also the saved searches feature which allows the user to save their listings or review back their previous searches. A side by side comparable option is also included in the theme. These all features really put the AutoStars theme in the highlight for businesses.

Car Dealer

Car Dealer theme

The Car Dealer WordPress theme was carefully designed for automotive and car dealership companies. It is very versatile and fully equipped to handle a variety of different sets of users from automotive blogs, Journals mechanical workshops and etc.
It is created in such a way that both small and large businesses can benefit from it; even a single person can use this theme for its personal use to sell their cars. With a theme that is customizable in every way including colors, logos and how the dealer’s profile should look like. A plus feature in this theme which the business can add is the sold option tag to the vehicles after they have been sold in the inventory section. There is also a loan calculator feature, filtering option for the users and an integrated PayPal system for the customers plus many more exciting features which makes this theme perfect for business.


motor theme

Motor is a fresh and vibrant looking theme perfect for the automotive business. It is suitable for all car dealers, motorcycle dealer or any other automotive business. Whether you want to buy or sell vehicles, spare parts or any sort of equipment this theme is the perfect fit for all.
With easily accessible features, a fully responsive theme which means it will work seamlessly on all devices; one-click demo option is available. The Drag and drop option to customize the site according to your needs. An important feature is the search option which lets you filter through catalogs and products and will be able to help you find the right product.
This theme is also perfect if you want to run an online business, a built-in WooCommerce makes it easier for the business to sell any sort of care accessories and spare parts etc. This is the perfect theme for businesses if they want to their brand to stand out.

Limo King

limo king theme

Limo King is a beautiful and responsive WordPress theme which the targets the niche of Limousine or car hire services exclusively. The seamless design is elegant which will fir the business theme. It also has a well-designed fleet layout and fleet prices table so the user can choose their service accordingly. The built-in form feature will allow the user to order their fleet service by filling the form withal the necessary information and a direct email will be sent to the admin who will be able to control and provide the service accordingly. All the best features are also included in this theme.


avada theme

Avada is a powerful, dynamic and extremely flexible, visually appealing WordPress multi-purpose theme. It is designed in such a way so that it can easily cater to all businesses big or small, personal blogs of any nature.
The powerful fusion builder makes it extremely easy to customize the Avada theme and you can easily whip up a beautiful well designed and polished websites in a short amount of time. It has already pre-built aesthetically pleasing demos which can be imported extremely fast.
Avada is diverse and can easily cater to the need of an automotive business because of its incredible functionalities, ranging from a car dealership to car rentals, or spare parts and accessories seller and so much more. It also offers an excellent support system.

Auto Doc

AutoDoc theme

AutoDoc is an extremely engaging and visually appealing WordPress theme that is sure to give businesses the boost they want to achieve. It is flexible and powerful enough to work on a wide range of applications car service website, car dealership and car wash etc. It also works best for car repair related websites and mechanic shops too.
The drag and drop builder is a must-have feature which enables you to customize the website however you want and is very convenient. A slider plug-in is also included which enhances the transition and custom animations. The theme is also multi-lingual and WooCommerce ready. The WooCommerce plug-in enables the business to easily open an online storefront with a catalog search features that allow the user to navigate through the features.


AutosMart theme

Designed exclusively for automotive and boat selling business, this theme is clean and stylish with loads of practical and useful features and designs.
It has 4 pre-built styled pages to set up the homepage in no amount of time and make the website running and ready to use. It has a powerful search engine function for users; it also has a brilliant ad creation feature to build stylish ad templates for your vehicle. A finance calculator will help the user calculate their loan amount and monthly installments. This theme features a blog post along with beautiful blog theme designs so the business can upload blogs and engage the user more. Built-n free plugins like the Slider Revolution and the visual Composer are a must have to enhance the layout of the website. An inventory management feature is also added for the business to take advantage of it. WooCommerce compatibility for an online shop is also included along with excellent maintenance and documentation. AutosMart is the theme for you!


Jannah theme

Jannah is a fresh new versatile multi-purpose and famous WordPress theme. Jannah offers unlimited design and feature option for your business; it is absolutely compatible for all sorts of businesses.
There are dozens of pre-made beautifully designed demos with one-click installation. The header format also includes a weather update feature. The theme is fully responsive and retina ready. It has a mega menu option; it also has a web notification option so users can get frequent notification updates on your mobile or computer. To create an automotive website Jannah is the theme you should prefer, with the help of bbpress integration you can add the discussion forum on your website, car reviews can be added by users using the taqyeem review plug-in. It has a dedicated place for placing advertising and the business can utilize this feature and monetize through the website.
Integrated widgets like Instagram are also added to the theme where you can easily engage with all your users on all social platforms easily and effectively. You can also make your site worldwide ready with the multi-lingual option. Jannah is the perfect theme to boost up your business brand.


anycar theme

AnyCar is a sophisticated and stylish design feature full WordPress theme dedicated to the automotive industry and business related to mechanic workshops, car repairs etc.,
Almost any sort of automotive business can benefit from it and make the website according to their business brand. The theme is easy to set up with the variety of design styles and one-click installation. Easy to install with the powerful drag and drop builder, slider revolution and multiple homepage options, the website will be built very fast. It is mobile friendly, parallax scrolling is also available. It is also SEO friendly with free updates and support is also available. AnyCar is definitely a reliable and practical choice.


Kallyas theme

Kallyas is a visually pleasing and easy to use WordPress multipurpose theme a website able to cater to the business needs to make a polished and well-designed website. A variety of tools and features are available for the business to tweak the website to their own delight and come up with extraordinary websites which are engaging to the user.
Kallyas includes a ton of demos specific to the desired enterprise which will make setting up the website an easy process along with a single click demo import and video installation to make the installation process a breeze. Absolutely no coding is required; Kallyas is a feature-rich theme with every possible outcome available to make a website standout among others.


AutoDealer theme

AutoDealer is a unique WordPress theme exclusive to a car dealership, car sellers, and auto motor retailers. It has powerful customization tools to build a unique and dynamic looking website for the business.
It features a one-click importer and set up which ensures the website is ready in no time. With the installer plugin feature, you can easily add whatever feature you want that will enhance the look and functionality of your website. This covers the option of different demo pages, header designs, home page and WooCommerce integration for online selling. So it is up to you to either fill up the website or keep it clutter free without adding unnecessary items.
Another feature which highlights this WordPress theme is the favorite list option for the users to make a favorite list of their own and add items in it for future reference.
AutoDealer is a contemporary WordPress tool that is sure to please the users and is ideal for business.



AUTOMAX is a beautiful WordPress theme with all the important features a theme should have to build a fully functional website to list and sell cars online.
All the best features are included like customized widgets, a completely responsive design which makes the theme mobile friendly as well. The powerful VIN decoder feature lets you easily add items in the inventory and you can also batch import the existing car listings. Another important feature of AUTOMAX is the PayPal pay per listing feature for selling ads via PayPal which enables you to easily monetize from your website and get paid immediately through PayPal. AUTOMAX is a wonderful theme and a must have!


CarSpot theme

CarSpot is an extremely flexible yet powerful car dealership theme. There are pre-designed 6 demos to get your business theme ready. Pre-built layouts include sliders, vehicle comparison, customer feedback feature and product displays. Al the design elements are easily customizable according to the business requirement.

But it is not all about the design; this theme is also about functionality. Easy to add listings on your website which are manageable, along with a powerful search tool to make sure that the audience finds what they are looking for.

Geo-location feature enables the user to find listings around their area. CarSpot is an epic theme for automotive business.


OpenDoor theme

OpenDoor is another professional WordPress theme which can be used either for a real estate business website or a car dealership website. It is built accordingly for both businesses and the relevant features are included to help you design the type of website you want.
The homepage of this theme includes a slider option for showcasing listings in one page, it is a nice feature to add to your website but if you are not interested there is always an option to not include it.
Another important feature in this theme is the comparison feature to let the users compare multiple listings for helping them come to a final conclusion. The items selected are placed side by side for the viewer to differentiate the features easily.
The theme has an entirely responsive layout which means it is easily accessible on multiple devices, loads of customization options are included, widgets, a search tool to help filter out products etc. If you are looking for a professionally built and modern theme OpenDoor is an incredible option to consider.


Radial theme

Radial is quite an easy to use and seamless looking WordPress theme. It is quite an impressive website and anyone in the automotive business will surely appreciate the wonderful design and feature this theme has to offer.
Its Orange Theme Control Panel differentiates it from many WordPress themes, the powerful control panel enables you to easily customize the theme, upload images, manage the content, the content slider options lets you display a lot more information on one page which otherwise is not possible to achieve.
Along with all the standard features for listing cars, Radial has another feature called the booking management, this feature enables future potential customers to make an appointment and take a test drive of any particular item. This theme also entertains blogging and a separate gallery system where you can showcase your listed items.


MyListing theme

MyListing is a great WordPress theme that allows a business to create any type of listing they want which makes it ideal for car dealer websites.
My listing harbors the important features for you to start you’re listing business right now whether it is a dealer website or a marketplace for users to create their own listings and start selling vehicles.
The theme lets you easily organize your listing according to location or any other category which then further lets the user easily search for the right item from the inventory. The listing creator tool enables you to add all the necessary information relevant to the particular listing, which makes it quite manageable. It also includes pre-built demos with the one-click importer for you to start your business in a matter of time. The Visual editor helps you customize all the features of the website like page layout to creating new design.
You can easily monetize your website by setting up advertising spots and earn money. MyListing is the right theme for you!


AutoTrader theme

AutoTrader is a beautifully oriented and responsive auto WordPress theme perfect for either an automobile market or an auto magazine or blog.
This is an absolutely great theme for business able to list and catalog their products efficiently using WordPress. It includes multiple slider options, easy to change backgrounds and beautiful design built-in page layout to customize your website. Despite the advanced features, this theme can be used quite easily.
The data of all the vehicles is easily presentable so to look attractive to all visitors such as the vehicles size, pricing etc. Furthermore, this feature enables to filter the inventory accordingly to the requirement of the visitor.
By using shortcodes certain page elements can be altered like tables, tabs and image galleries. The theme gives you the control of how every post is presented on the page. You also have the option to enable or disable certain features like comments. If you are looking for a seamless looking theme with all the plus features AutoTrader is the theme you should choose.

WP Automotive Pro 2

WP Automotive Pro 2 theme

WP Automotive Pro 2 is a new fresh looking WordPress theme; it is flexible and easy to use. It is perfect for car listings from a single dealership or where users can add their own listings and sell.
This theme is loaded with features and its beautiful design makes it more engaging, it is also fully responsive to whatever device you use it on. There is also an extensive search bar where users can filter the exact product they are looking for. You can also add a WooCommerce plugin which enables you to create a fully function able online store. These features, in particular, are good for businesses interested in selling auto accessories etc. Google Map integration is also added to display listing along with their locations.
This is a fun theme and is a good choice for businesses.