50 Best Directory WordPress Themes 2018

Online Business Directories are a great way for business owners to showcase their business; there are plenty of business directory websites available for both local and global businesses. The reason these directories are of such importance is that people always want to look for the best service possible and business owners always want to promote their business. This is why WordPress is the best platform to start an online directory. There are loads of great themes available which include all the best features to build your site today, below is a list of some of the best online directories available.


ListingPro is a great WordPress theme which includes everything that would be required to create a great online directory.

ListingPro really does have all the fantastic and important features a good listing theme should have; you don’t need to buy any additional plug-ins to build your site. The theme includes the advanced search tool where you can refine your search plus the smart filter you can narrow down your search options to; price group, highest rated and features etc. Visitor can leave a review and give rating on your listings. You can also monetize from your listing website by the help of advert manager and place your ads in the included places on the website. You also get the option to choose how you want your listing to be shown; there are two style grids or lists.

ListingPro has all the features you need to start your profitable business today.


DirectoryEngine is an extraordinary directory WordPress theme, it was designed with a lot of effort and a lot of thought was put into the design and functionality of the theme to make it easier for you to setup your listing website. The quick start walkthrough is very helpful in terms of demonstrating what the theme is about and how you can set up your website in no time. It also gives an overview of all the features and settings.

Modular content blocks are used in the theme that allows you to make custom page layouts, they can easily be dragged and dropped according to your preferences, the modular blocks includes reviews, testimonials, featured places. This feature really gives you the flexibility to make your very own home and page layouts.

End users can easily submit their listings to the directory without any hassle. You can also charge money for a listing submission and offering ad space on your page. Browsing across the directory is also made very easy for the users; you can browse through with the help of a map or use the filter feature for a detailed search.

The theme is also highly responsive and mobile-friendly. You can really grow your business by creating a beautiful looking theme with all the amazing features it offers.


Listable is a wonderful directory WordPress theme which is perfect for both global and local directory websites.

Whether you want to create small local listings like the local cafes in your neighborhood or create a much larger monetizing directory website; this theme works best equally for both options. The design gives a simpler and minimalistic feel to the theme on the surface, but the theme itself is packed with powerful features to create the ideal listing website. You can create the listing about anything whether it’s an event, activity or a place.

This theme can also generate multiple payment plans if you want to start receiving payment from end users when they add listings to your directory. You can give the option of multiple pricing plans. You can create categories option in the homepage for users to easily search what they are looking for and you can also filter your search.

This theme is also clutter free from additional plug-ins so if you want you can add the features additionally without the problem of irrelevant features and code. The theme also offers custom built-in style presets or can design your own layout with multiple fonts and color options and the theme also compromises of excellent support team.


Listify is a great directory WordPress themes in both featured and functionality.  The theme’s design is beautiful with built-in demos you can choose from to start your listing business by setting it up in a couple of minutes. It is quite a powerful listing theme.

There are many features that make the theme stand out, with integrations like Resurva and WooCommerce Bookings, this allows the user to make a reservation with the business that is listed in the directory. This is a bonus feature and really expands user experience.

You also have the ability to monetize form your website by displaying ads and charging for listings.  You can also customize your home page easily with the drag and drop option. You can add beautiful full width images in the background of your website and make it look unique and different from other online directories.


Whitelab is a clean and simple design but feature packed WordPress directory. It is perfect for businesses that require listings.

There are many features available in Whitelab, customizable search options where you can search according to the area limit with the help of map. You can also monetize from your listings website easily by ads.  The website also has an integrated review system to get feedback.  The theme also has a page builder where you can see the changes you make in real time.  Whitelab is a great directory theme.


SpotFinder is a stunning child theme of the famous WordPress Directory theme. It is a very powerful theme and will definitely suit your business. It is largely designed for listing properties but it can be used for different purposes too like the best night life in your local area, children activities etc. You can easily build a listing website for any type pf business; car, properties and hotel destinations and many more.

The theme benefits from the maps a lot, so it will be quite convenient for the viewers to search for things which are located in their area, with a custom marker added on the web for each listing for seeing all the listings at a glance on the map.

The theme is quite responsive and mobile ready, it also offers the option of monetizing whether through ads or paid listings. This is a great theme!


ListGo is a fun and vibrant WordPress theme dedicated to directory and listing sites. The themes offers 16 beautifully designed demos to get you started with a one-click demo install. The theme is quite versatile you can really choose the way you want your website to look according to the business.

The theme is also WooCommerce ready for selling purposes. You can also create business package plans for your customers and charge them monthly. You can also add the coupon or discount code to your listing or events easily. The filter is powerful and can let customers filter events by date. You can also integrate Facebook Messenger on your website to interact with customers further. The theme is also responsive and adaptable on all devices

It is very beautiful and unique design theme and you will surely love using it!


Javo is a contemporary and extraordinary Directory WordPress theme which you can use to build listings website, the theme is fully responsive and highly adaptable on all devices.

The background image slider on the Javo homepage is quite impressive and you show the best listings of your directory so that the visitors will be intrigued to browse further. Javo introduces the individual listing pages which will provide detailed information about the listing and beautiful images. Users can also leave their feedback on the individual pages and give ratings.

Javo offers 16 beautiful demo with one-click import so you choose freely how you want your directory to look. 6 different layout styles are also available. You can also change the layouts of the map, the features also include the drag and drop page builder so you can create custom layouts. The Slider plug-in is also an impressive feature which lets you add content. A directory website is incomplete without Google Maps, which allows users to find the location of business they are searching for.

Business Finder

Business Finder is an impressive WordPress directory theme created by the famous Directory Theme, this theme is compatible with the Directory Theme; you can easily switch between these two themes without ever losing any data.

An impressive feature of this theme is the 3D Map view on the front page with listings tagged on the map; this is an amazing feature which will surely impress the viewers.

Detailed documentation is available if there are any questions related to the functionality of the theme. A secure payment option is available for those who want to make paid listings, you can create online directory for companies, websites, shops, car dealerships and many more businesses. The theme is fully customizable with many features added to change the layout and the appearance of the theme, it is quite versatile and the design of the theme is pretty impressive which will enable it to stand out.


Superlist is a broadly developed and highly function able directory WordPress theme. The theme is highly versatile and flexible, with all the powerful resources required to build a directory theme.

Users can submit their own listings, a full feature dashboard with listings is available for the users to use and access their listings. With the help of listing type manager, it has an easy user interface which allows you to build any type of directory portal. Easy one-click installation allows you to build the website in minutes and start running it. Pre-defined post types are included in the theme like a different post type for events, jobs and shopping etc. where you can simply choose the post and start using it.

With other built-in powerful features this bundle packed theme is the perfect directory listing site for you to start your profitable business.

Search & Go

Search & Go is a powerful and modern design directory WordPress theme, the design will definitely give the theme an innovative look which users will be more inclined to use.

Search & Go is a very versatile theme it can be used for range different projects, from a simple local listing to global listing projects. Users can add their own listings; a dedicated user dashboard is available to the users where they can manage their own listings and personal profiles. A login and registration form is included in the theme where users can connect from any social network like Facebook or Google accounts.

You can also create pricing packages and start making money by charging the users for submitting their listings.  Payments are then collected easily via PayPal. The design of the theme is very unique but if you still desire to change the look of the theme that is possible with the help of the Visual Composer plug-in.

You can customize the look of the Google Maps and make it look beautiful and more engaging. An advanced and powerful search tool lets the user search for anything they are looking for and the filter option makes the process even simpler. It is a great theme and a must try.


MyListing is an amazing WordPress directory with loads of beautiful and powerful features with a very modern and sleek design.  With custom pre-built demos and one click installation, this is all an easy process to get you started in creating a listing website. You can build from the pre-made in depth city directory, either build a real-estate listing or a car rental directory, furthermore you can also create a custom built directory and a beautiful layout and choose from over 50 custom contents and personalize the theme the way you want it.

Another awesome feature of this website is to create membership plans and collect payments from the users to add listings of their own. You can also monetize from your website by selling advertisement spots. MyListing is the theme which gives you the freedom to create any type of listing website you desire.

Service Finder

Service Finder is an easy a flexible WordPress theme to help businesses build the perfect directory. All businesses and service providers can sign up and create their profiles. Each individual profile will be filled with detailed information about their business so that customers can make the right decision before choosing the right service provider. Features include time slots available, online booking for appointments and the payment system. Customers can easily pay for any services directly through the website, plus you can also charge the serviceproviders for a fee to register at you website and making profiles. An online demo is also available for you to understand how the website works in depth.

All other features in the website include the customization of the theme, different layouts are available you can change this from your control panel. This theme is definitely a powerful directory WordPress theme for you!


ListingEasy is an extremely simple and easy to use directory WordPress theme, all businesses can benefit from this theme; like hotels, spas, restaurants, cafesand cinemas. If you own a venue you can easily list your place with add listing feature. The theme has a great live search option which makes it easier for users to search for listings; there is also a featured category where you can promote certain listings.

There is a booking option available on the website for users to book anything whether it is an appointment, or they were looking for a property to rent. Another feature in the theme is the hours option which displays the office hours for induvial businesses making it convenient when someone is browsing through their listing. You can also choose to monetize from your website by charging users to add listings on your site, users can also create their personal dashboard to operate from. The site is also WooCommerce ready

Whatever listing you choose to add, it can be done easily with the ListingEasy theme.


MyCity is a wonderful directory WordPress theme for a community website. The theme is quire flexible and versatile with all the awesome features to get you started. Depending on the way you build you theme your visitors will easily find the right listings they are looking for; whether through Google Maps for near-by listing or through the powerful search tool.

Each individual will be able to add detailed info plus full width images and a photo gallery plus user reviews. The best feature about this theme is the Uber integration, users can easily book a ride through the website and go to whichever destination they choose, the theme is also integrated with Airbnb for visitors to find accommodations to stay in nearby. The theme also has an adaptive and a responsive layout which will run on all devices. This theme is perfect for you!

Directory Multipurpose

Directory is a multipurpose WordPress theme; it is the best directory theme which can be tweaked any way to build the perfect listing website. With the help of pre-build demos and easy one-click import you can easily set up an online directory within minutes.

Apart from being easy to set up, the theme is also great form the end user perspective, the theme is seamless and uniform, with the help of location based searches users can find what they are looking for in their local area.  You can choose to showcase your listings either in grids or layout design, the feature of single directory listing is also available where detailed information can be given about a listing with images and customer reviews.

With the best customization options and a responsive design you can build the best directory website with this theme.


Diamond is a stunning directory theme for WordPress. The theme will make your website stand out with its eye catching full screen background images and full width layout pictures. This will surely put a positive impression on the visitors when they browse through your website for the first time.

You can divide the listings easily in to categories and sub categories, this will allow you to display a wide range of businesses, events and attractions on the website and it will be easy to manage it. With the Google Map integration users can easily locate their listings. The theme is also WooCommerce ready if you want to sell items on the website as well. Any customization options are available with a responsive layout. Ig there are many images you want to showcase on the site, you can display them in an easy format.

Point Finder

Point Finder is a directory which is packed with features. With the Point Finder theme you can make a directory as you wish because it has loads of customizable options and features. You can easily create a website within minutes.

You can easily monetize with Point Finder, it isn’t lacking any options at all. Multiple payment gateway support is available. You can charge the user for adding their listings on the website or create paid memberships. Users can also register on the website quickly with other social platforms like Google or Facebook.

Point Finder has all the right set of tools available for you to create the epic directory website.


Splendor is an elegantly designed directory WordPress themes built for all business directory websites. It has a responsive layout which will enable you showcase all your listings. It is mobile-friendly and the theme will look great on tablet,PC, laptops and smartphones.

The theme can be installed easily with the Easy Install function and you can easily import full functional demos. This saves time and allows you to start the website fast. After installing the demo you can later customize it to your likings as many design options are available.

You can showcase your listing in the List View, Grid View and Map View. You can also add a detailed page for each individual listing. Advanced search options for users is also included in them. An excellent support team is also available for any problem you might encounter when building the website.


Eventum is an easy to use and customizable events management theme. It is a powerful theme which is loaded with functions for both the admin and the event organizers.

Eventum gives the ability to the users of Eventum to create their own events; you can use the theme to purchase tickets with the help of the WooCommerce plug-in. There is also an RSVP option on the page to confirm the attendees. The theme is fully responsive and user friendly. There is an events calendar in the theme so you can easily browse over the upcoming events. Monetization should also be your goal and you can charge the users for content submission, and the payment flexibility makes it easier further. Eventum also has a good support team who will guide you through any issues.


Dining Engine is a powerful and fully customizable WordPress listing theme perfect for restaurants and cafes. It has a beautiful design and business in this particular niche can really benefit from this theme. The advanced search bar can be used to search places nearby and by entering any keyword you can further choose the one recommended exploring more places.

With the Drag and Drop page builder you can do the front-end editing and create the perfect layout for your website. The theme is also fully responsive and perfect for all mobile devices. You can also draw custom map for each place on the site.


Listings is quite a practical and user-friendly WordPress listing theme, it is designed so you can easily create, monetize and manage a listings directory site. With the Easy Install feature you can quickly install the theme and import the demo. The site can be set up in minutes.

The theme comes with all the powerful features and customization tools a listing theme should have, it is highly responsive and works perfectly on all mobile devices; this theme was built to give the mobile users the feel of using an app. Listings is the theme for you!


EventBuilder is a powerful WordPress Events Directory theme; event organizers can easily build events on the platform with no hassle. They can sell tickets online with the help of Tailor Ticket WordPress plug-in. You can collect payments by making pricing plans and get paid easily via debit/credit cards or PayPal. The entire process is extremely simple.

Other features also included are the front end registration and login forms, you can also monetize through advertising spaces. There is nothing impossible with this theme as it is packed with all the features you would require to build an event planning directory theme.

Business Directory

The business Directory theme is a fully packed WordPress Directory theme with all the perfect features and customizations tool necessary to build a directory website either for you or for other businesses.

The theme is responsive and runs on all mobile devices, it also has a user-friendly admin panel to make customization simpler. There are over 60 editable blocks from which you can choose to customize the layout of the theme with the Drag and Drop page builder. You can also create as many packages as you like. Different membership plans can be altered to different membership benefits, you have the access to restrict page access, or limit the content display to different members. The theme also features the users rating option.  You can really make the most out of this theme and boost your business.

Ultimate Directory

Ultimate Directory is a remarkable theme aimed to create effective listing or directory websites. You can promote any business or activity with this theme. You can build local directories, service or business provider listings plus you can add reviews sections like Yelp.

You can personalize your theme freely with multiple blog layout designs and gallery designs to showcase your portfolio. Users can easily login with different social platforms like Facebook and Google. PayPal integration is included in the theme with multiple membership levels. The theme also comes with a powerful admin panel which allows customization easily with just a few clicks.

Atlas Directory

Atlas Directory & Listing theme is a unique and user-friendly WordPress theme. The best feature this theme has to offer is the freedom to not access the dashboard; everything can be done from the front-end registration, login, editing user profiles and the submission of listings. This feature will definitely attract many users. The theme also has a built-in membership system so you can create custom pricing plans. The Google customization is also an awesome feature where you can custom pins for individual listings.

The theme also offers detailed documentation and video tutorial to assist you in accessing and managing the theme.


ClassifiedEngine is a modern and exciting WordPress directory theme. It is created with all the important and useful features to build the perfect site. This theme is created to enable you to monetize from your site as much as possible. You can earn money by getting paid for posting ads on your site; you can easily accept payments through PayPal, Credit Card or Cash. There is also the integration of Facebook login for easy access to the users.

Theme customization is really easy and you can change the layout and the color of the theme with the style customizer. Plus the theme is designed exclusively to look good on mobile devices so the experience is always great for the user.

Vendor Directory

Vendor is a stylish and elegant theme exclusively for wedding vendors and couples. This theme helps to create wedding vendors like photographer, florist, hotels, catering services, music, wedding cakes and all other wedding exclusive businesses.

It enables the wedding vendors to create their own listings through their user accounts which they can easily login and add details about their business. On the other hand the couples can plan out their perfect wedding through the help of this theme; they can create their own couples account and start creating lists and contacting different vendors for the big day. A wish list feature is added so the couples can add their favorite vendors in one place. A budget calculator feature is also a very helpful feature to have, so the couples can estimate the budget while planning and contacting different vendors. It is a perfect theme if you are into this business, as it is good to have a niche specific theme catering to all the little details that might be missing from general themes.


Louisiana is a clean and modern directory WordPress theme that enables you to manage and monetize listings, whether the listings are local or global. The theme has a lot of features to offer that includes a Visual Composer where you can build custom pages for your theme. There are over 20+ pages, 3 header styles and 3 layouts available in the theme. There is also the option of easy demo importer. The theme is completely responsive and it will look great on any mobile device. The theme also comes with a powerful admin panel where you can manage and create the best website without any coding understanding.


EVE is an exceptional WordPress directory theme, designed specifically for listing events. It is a great tool through which users can find where the event is happening and when. The theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce, so you can add your listings through WooCommerce which further supports options like reviews and star ratings. You also have the option of front end submission. You can start monetizing through your website by creating packages and placing them on the pricing tables. All the payment gateways supported by WooCommerce can be used easily. This is a great theme for events listings.

Directory Builder

Directory Builder is an advanced directory WordPress theme build for classified ads, events and any listings available. The theme offers many features which will make sure that this listing theme stands out in the crowd.

It offers many features like the front end registration and login option. You can add comments and give ratings on any listing. There is a search option which can be used to search for places or events, the results can also be displayed on a map. The Visual Composer page builder allows creating pages for your theme.


DocDirect is a useful WordPress directory theme built for health care professionals. But because it has a lot of features and customizable options it can be easily used for other professions and business listings.

DocDirect is designed so patients and health care professionals can benefit from it, medical centers and hospitals can add listing sin the website for patients to look up for them if they are in the near-by area and easily book appointments with their doctors.

All the important features a directory theme should have are included, like the one-click demo import, the drag and drop page builder to customize the theme. The invoice management feature when payment is made through the website. The theme is also fully responsive.


Wyzi is an advanced multi-purpose WordPress directory theme it really can be used in a number of ways. You can either be private business owner or a business entity you can benefit from this theme plus the clients will also love this themebecause of its useful feature which makes it simpler for customers to interact with businesses.

Several demos are available whether it is a general site, a real estate or aservice provider directory. Each demo is different from the other if you want you can combine the different elements in all the demos and create you very own directory site. You can also customize the theme to your liking with the Drag and Drop editor.

Another great feature is that each business/service provider can have their own Business Wall where they can post business related updates, news and statuses, they also have their very own front end profile to manage their page. With the help of the Booking feature each listing can have their own calendarand manage appointments, appointments can also be easily be accepted or rejected. Wyzi is really a powerful directory theme and should be given a try.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is an extremely simple and clean Online Directory theme perfect for business listings. The layout is designed in a way so that business listings can benefit from it. You have plenty of features and options to showcase your listings easily. Customization is also easy with this theme and there are loads of color options to choose from. Yellow Pages is the child theme of the famous Directory theme so all the important and useful features will be present

YellowPages is a great choice if you want to create a powerful business listing.


Expedition is the perfect directory theme for travel, travel agencies and city guide reviews. The options are endless with this theme. The design is clean and functional where you can really showcase the content. If you have a ton of photos of your city/destination you can showcase this perfectly on this theme.

Thereare buildable custom page templates, the features of the theme allows you to cover many topics and manage theme easily at the same time. Which means if you extent your content writing more visitors will be keen to viewing the website and might be helpful when they are looking for something. The layout of the theme is responsive and adaptable on all mobile devices. You can also change the color of the theme and the fonts used. This really is a perfect site for niche businesses related to travel, and if you are in this business it is worth a try!

The Navigator

The Navigator is a theme which is clean and minimal and is clutter free;its aim is to provide the best listing website. The navigator is also perfect if you are interest in publishing blog posts apart from listings you can easily write content for you site and this could be an added benefit for your website because it means more visitors.

This theme is really suitable for travel directory listings too; the theme uses Google Maps for listing locations. The theme also provides excelling customer support.


Listing is an advanced multi-purpose directory theme; you can use it for any type of listing you want, for real estate, car rental, and other service provider listings. The theme provides a lot of features to create the best listing theme out there. You will really enjoy creating a site with this theme as it is also user-friendly.

The navigation of a theme is quite important which is why this theme contains featured listings, custom search forms etc. you can also use the map to address each listing. Users can also create their own directories through front-end submission. It is a perfect theme to try out!


Emblem is great, powerful directory theme. It is the child theme for Directory which means it has all the powerful features the directory theme would have. Plus the theme is also quite stylish and the features will make sure you create the perfect directory theme in the market. The theme also has a responsive design which will look great on all mobile devices. You can monetize form this theme easily by creating price packages or you can also earn money through Google AdSense/Banners. The theme also features the powerful booking system feature.

Emblem is the right theme for you.


Cuisine is a powerful and responsive directory theme; it is another child theme for the famous Directory theme. It is a perfect directory theme which will work seamlessly for restaurant directory theme. A quick install is available with the sample content, the theme will install in a couple of minutes for you to start working on it. Cuisine is highly customizable you can use it to add pizza directory listings, Chinese restaurants available in the area or simply add all of them. You can create your own categories and customize it.

Cuisine uses the Map feature to search for listings, a searchable map where the map displays all the restaurants and a little info about all the listings, you also get the option to opt out if this and use the simple content page for listings.

Individual listings also contain lots of information about each entity, like the details about the business hours, contact information and a gallery where the business can showcase their images and attract the viewer. Different modes of monetization are also available through this theme, if you are interested in a food related directory where you want to list the best restaurants, dining experience in a city or country this is the theme for you!


Explore is a powerful and very stylish directory theme, it is packed with all the amazing options and the theme is highly customizable. Together with this you can build a very powerful business listing directory theme. The theme also offers the Easy Install with the built-in sample data, which is loaded in minutes and once it is installed you get the demo style theme which you can start customizing.

This theme is deal for clubs, bars night-life and restaurants; you can also change the color scheme of the theme according to the brand image of the business. The theme also comes with PayPal integration which makes it easier to start earning online and charge for listing submissions. All the powerful features are built-in the site like the booking feature and many more. This theme is really an engaging theme and is worth a try!


GeoDirectory is a user-friendly theme which will definitely take your theme to next levels. With this theme you can easily build web directories like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

You can tweak the design of the site however you want with custom widgets and templates; you can also change the font, color, images and much more with the simple drag and drop option. Front end registration and listing submission is available for your visitors for easy access. You can easily expand your listings website and start monetizing it with the help of this theme. Whether you have a specific theme to work with or you have an all in one theme in mind, GeoDirectory is suitable for your needs.


GeoCraft is a business directory theme where you can highlight both global and local attractions. With this theme your directory website will be ready in minutes.

Every business owner wants their company to be on the top, for that to happen the business needs to be promoted; this is possible with maximum exposure which can be provided by launching a Directory Website. The theme is highly customizable and responsive; it is adaptable on all mobile devices. The theme also offers lots of monetization offers for your directory to earn more traffic and growth. With this theme you can display the listings on the map; there are several customization options available, which allows the design and building process to go smoothly.


Classify is a fully functional Directory WordPress theme that is suitable for all businesses. It is extremely flexible and user-friendly which mean you can build a b stunning site easily with the help of this theme. With this theme you can add listings based on either locations or categories and viewers cans search both ways. The visitors can also submit video ads for their listings which will engage the viewer further. The admin can decide how they want to showcase their listing either in Grid or List style. Tons of features are available to the tweak the site to your likings. It is also SEO friendly and Translation ready.


Superlist is a modern business directory WordPress theme; it has a clean and minimal design and runs seamlessly on all devices. With the help of One-Click Installation you can easily setup your website fast and make it ready. The theme includes pre-defined listings like business, automotive, restaurants and travel post types for you to just start editing it once installed. The theme is fully responsive and translation ready. You can choose from different color variations to make the theme look more vibrant or the way you want to showcase it. You can create unlimited pricing packages for listing submission; you can also add a booking form to your listings. With the Google Map you can showcase your listings on the map. This theme is absolutely perfect for all business directory themes.


Vantage is an extremely user-friendly, clean and minimal design WordPress directory theme suitable for events and business listing websites. It is not at all hectic, the installation is pretty simple and the setup of the theme is also quite easy. All the necessary tools and features are available to create the best listing theme out there. Along with this theme, there are multiple of child themes available which you can use to totally change the appearance of the existing theme. Front-end submission of listings is also possible with the theme. All the listings include a location which are connected to Google Maps which allows the visitors to search for the location through the Maps. You can also create custom pricing plans and users can also leave ratings and comments on the listings.

Vantage is one of the best themes out there if you really want your business directory theme to stand out.

Job Board

JobBoard is a sophisticated directory WordPress Theme that is suitable for Job Directories. It has an advanced job search function where you can search the job to your needs. Viewers can create a front-end job document and manage it through the front end job manager. The theme is highly responsive and adaptable on all devices. The theme is also integrated with Google Maps and PayPal, the theme also includes powerful monetization features.


Babysitter is a directory theme perfect for job oriented directory websites; this also included a babysitter directory site. This is really great for parents to have a niche focused theme which is quite useful in terms offinding nearby babysitters and for nannies to post their resume on the job for parents to overlook and hire the perfect nanny for their child. The theme uses the help pf the Resume manager plug-in.

The theme also gives an option to create a blogsite and post daily and useful blogs which you can write related to children topics. The theme offers a powerful admin panel from where you can change the colors of the theme, babysitter is also translation ready. This theme is really good if you are interested in this particular niche.


FoodPicky is a fun and vibrant WordPress directory theme for food ordering and delivery systems like FoodPanda and Zomato, you can easily create the perfect food delivery site with the powerful features this theme has to offer. The cart and checkout features are integrated into the theme with the help of WooCommerce, so that the visitor can easily order food directly from the site after reviewing the listing. With the help pf the front-end design tool you can customize you theme in real-time with fonts, colors and backgrounds.


PlacesDojo is a fully functional and extremely stylish WordPress theme; the design of the theme is extremely pleasing and will surely attract more viewers. You can easily use this theme to create directories for bars, restaurants, night life in the city and fast food places. This theme would also be great to create a travel listing directory theme where you can add the famous tourist spots about the country plus all the entertainment places etc. Multiple pricing and payment options are available to add in the theme. Multiple design options are also available to choose from. PlacesDojo is a really fun and vibrant theme.


Spotter is a multi-purpose directory WordPress theme. It has a clean and modern design which the viewers will appreciate; the theme is also user-friendly and versatile. There are several pre made homepages already made for you to simply install them and start working on theme. Some of the pre-build themes include real estate, restaurants and car dealership. Users can easily register and sign-in to their accounts, the theme also offers Facebook login. The theme also has 6 different color schemes which you can customize to your liking. The theme is also translation ready. Spotter is a great feature packed multi-purpose directory theme and worth the try.