30 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes

If you have real estate company whether small or large, you need a website in order to stay in the competition in modern era of advanced web technologies and digital marketing. You need a modern real estate website with contemporary design and layouts.

This collection includes real estate WordPress themes which can be used to create any kind of real estate website. If you want to list a single property then there are themes built for specially this purpose and if you want to list multiple properties then you can use other themes built for this purpose.

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All of these themes are contemporary, fast loading, search engines friendly and with rich admin dashboards. You can use any of these themes to create a great real estate website for your real estate company.


Realtyspace is extremely flexible and a very resourceful WordPress theme perfect for a real estate website theme. The theme is extremely clean and professionally seamless for all types of real estate business, real estate property agents and companies.

The theme offers endless features for your listings to stand out and for the user to have a great experience on the website and search what they are looking for. You can customize the website according to the theme of your business, with the help of the Visual Composer. You can easily create layouts; edit the color of the entire theme and much more. The theme also offers Google Map integration along with Street View, so when the user is browsing over a property they can get the in-depth experience about the property. The theme also comes with advanced filtering options so users can filter through endless criteria. Users can also use the front end property submission and you can simply charge them for the submission. It is a great theme with loads of practical features for you to try them out!


DreamVilla is a convenient, user-friendly and versatile WordPress theme which is perfect to accommodate the needs of a real estate business website. This real estate theme is perfect for either renting out properties or having properties listed for sale.

The design of the theme is very clean and professional, the theme comes with 2 built-in demos and within each demo you have the choice between 3 different homepage variations. The theme comes with all the best features a company needs to build the ideal real estate website, the visitors will be able to find what they are looking for easily, you can easily add all the best features of the property with good images, along with the help of Google Map integration, you can add the location of the property along with Street View so the users can search for properties in the areas they want. Visitors can easily get in touch with the help of an integrated contact form if they are interested in a property.

To get more visitors to your site, the theme also offers blog templates so you can create a blog on your website for further attractions. Plus with the help of the Visual Composer you can easily customize your theme to your liking by changing the page layouts, color etc. DreamVilla is a good theme for your business.

WP Pro Real Estate 7

WP Pro Real Estate 7 is a beautifully designed and extremely powerful WordPress theme. You can easily make any type of website related to rentals, vacation properties, apartment rental pages or real estate listings easily with this amazing theme. It has loads of functional features to offer.

The theme offers 3 beautiful built-in demos, which are easily imported. The homepage of your website can feature the most popular listings; all the elements of each homepage can also be mixed and matched to create a unique website. The easy to use front-end interface really improves user experience as you can easily organize and submit the listings from the front end without any hassle. The theme also offers an online booking system to make the appointments scheduling task simpler and effective and no real estate theme would be complete without the integration of Google Maps to make the search process for the users simpler. The theme also offers an advanced search tool for the viewers to filter out the properties they like.


Reales is a modern WordPress real estate theme with a beautiful and intuitive design. This theme will definitely be appealing to users because of its eye catching design. The theme is fully responsive which means that is compatible on all mobile devices. The theme offers all the best features required to create a beautiful and outstanding real estate theme.

The theme also offers front end submission of properties, integration of Google Maps and advanced property search tool. You can also customize your site easily and edit the color of the theme. The theme is definitely worth a try.

Real Homes

Real Homes is an elegant WordPress theme which offers tons of fully practical features for your website to run smoothly and look professional. IT is designed in a way so the users can get the most out of your website. The integrated Google Map makes it easier for customers to see their property from a bird’s eye view. The theme is fully responsive and adaptable on all mobile devices.

The advanced search engine is also fully customizable to the user’s requirements; you can easily get an in-depth research of the property you are looking for. The login feature is also quite simple users can also login by using their social media accounts, the front end property submission also makes theme easier to use. You can also create custom membership packages with payment options and charge users for their submissions.


Houzez is a dynamic, fresh and clean looking real estate WordPress theme; this website will really bring your company to the top because of how modern and versatile the website will look once you have designed it the way you want with this theme. All real estate agents, companies and professionals will benefit from this feature packed theme. Companies like these who want to quickly set up an online business and widen their reach will definitely love it, because It is quite user-friendly will take less time to set up and with its unique modern design, the users will definitely be attracted to the website.

Built-in beautifully designed demo websites are available with can further be customized with the help of the Visual Composer. Houzez also offers different monetization options whether you want to accept one-time payments or collect through recurring subscriptions, this is made easier with the feature offered by the theme. Because of the beautiful designs the visitors will have no problem browsing through the website and searching for what they want. Houzez is a great theme and deserves to be chosen.


Beyot is a well thought out, beautifully designed and professional looking theme for independent agents or agencies. The theme offers multiple features which makes property management a breeze whether it is on the front end or on the admin-side.

The theme also allows users to submit their properties through front-end submission, you can either let the users submit it for free or charge them for it. You can create subscription packages and monetize through it with the help of electronic payment methods like PayPal and Stripe. The theme also offers an integrated search engine and geo location settings to list properties on the map for users to easily see where the property would be located. The theme also offers 9 professional layouts to choose your preferred style from and the users can easily save their favorite property to look through it later if they want to. Give Beyot a try now!


Zoner is a very smart and modern real estate WordPress theme it really gives the website a stylish feel. The theme is fully responsive and adaptable on all devices; the theme is also full customizable because of the advanced admin panel. The Visual Composer feature can be simply used to drag and drop items and customize the pages. The theme offers convenience both on the front-end to manage the listings and backend to manage all the admin related tasks. The theme also includes the Google Map feature and street view format to view the properties. Other features include the simple login/registration for users, custom widgets, different blog post formats, contract forms and much more. Zoner is a wonderful theme.

Real Places

Real Places is an incredible real estate WordPress theme which offers style and functionality. The features of the theme allows it to be niche specific so you don’t have to worry about the details but at the same time the theme is also flexible if you want to use it for any other purpose. The theme is user-friendly which means the website can be created in no time, and operating the website would also be a breeze.

The theme offers three different variations for you to choose from, whatever option you choose the main focus always has to be the properties and that is done elegantly with the help of Real Places. With the help of the image slider and the image galleries the beautiful pictures of the properties will be very appealing to the customer. The theme also includes the feature of advanced search where you can personalize your criteria for selecting the right property. Google Map is also integrated and the property markers on the map which show the exact location of the property listed. Lastly with the Visual Composer tool you can customize the theme to your liking.

WP Residence

WP Residence is a dynamic and versatile theme fit for the real estate business website, independent agencies and agents will really benefit from the features this theme has to offer. It provides with the best user experience and is really user-friendly.

Over 13 pre-made demos are included in the theme which means the choices to customize and personalize it are endless; you can easily set up your website with a one-click demo import and start running the website. You can easily monetize from your website through subscription based service, you can charge the users for submitting the properties on your website. All other features like the advanced search engine, Google Map integration, Virtual Tour of the properties, property review and much more are included in this theme. WP Residence is worth a try!


CitiLights is a very modern and stylish real estate WordPress theme, the design is very unique and eye catching and will definitely attract users to your website. It is very niche-specific so it will be very easy to create the website. The Property Management System feature is very effective, you can easily manage all the property submissions, editing and saving from the front-end dashboard. Users can easily submit their properties through their own individual profiles in an easy manner. You also have to option to charge your users with multiple payment options. With the help of the compare button the user can easily compare two or three properties at a time. The theme also offers pre-designed home page demos. An advanced search customization with Google Map integration makes it easier to search for properties. You can easily customize your website with the help of the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder. CitiLights is the theme for you!


MyHome is a versatile and multi-purpose real estate WordPress theme which can create endless websites for real estate businesses.

MyHome comes with pre-made demos with a one-click demo import that allows to setup the site quickly and start running the website. The demos are packed with features relevant for the real estate business and a very professional design to go along with so the entire website looks presentable to the viewers.  The advanced search tool feature to make it easier for users to search for properties, agents can also create their own profiles in this theme and list and manage properties. Tons of great features are part of this theme for you to explore now!


Solus is an easy to use, user-friendly, clean and feature full WordPress theme, the theme is basically designed to cater the needs of publishing single property listings. Which means this website is good for individuals who are home owners, or want to sell a property in general.

Solus provides with the basic demo content to get you started right away, all the necessary features are included in the demo and additional instructional video are also available to help you set up your website in minimum amount of time. You can easily customize the color of the theme with the control panel, and also upload imagery on your website. Solus also comes with features like an image gallery, Google Map integration, and booking appointment features. This theme is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want a complete real estate website but instead wants to promote single properties.


Oikia is a fantastic, beautifully designed real estate WordPress theme; it truly has a unique design which will promote your business to a new level. The quality that the theme has to offer is outstanding, the theme is adaptable on all mobile devices; you can easily create a beautiful homepage with the drag and drop option and the custom widgets. The theme also offers a great property filtering feature along with the filtering map system which enablesyou to search for properties based on locations. You can also customize the theme to your liking by choosing from the multiple color schemes available. The theme offers an easy one click demo import so you can set up your website quickly and detailed documentation is also included for an easy setup.


Hometown is a clean and fresh looking real estate WordPress theme and is perfect for the real state business. The theme is fully responsive and is adaptable on all devices, the theme is designed to look really impressive to the user and catch their attention. Wonderful features are packed within the theme, through the control panel you can easily decide whether you want to charge the users to submit their properties or keep it free. You still have the option to monetize from your website by selling ad space; the sliders in the theme are designed to display the properties to attract visitors. The theme allows you to choose the perfect color and font fit best for your website.

The theme comes with the Visual Composer so you can build the best page layout with the drag and drop functionality. The theme also has two demo versions to choose from.

Real Spaces

Real Spaces is a vibrant and modern real restate WordPress theme, the theme includes all the features required to build a perfect website for your real estate business. The theme is responsive and adaptable on all mobile devices. The theme is completely customizable with loads of color options to choose from, different layouts, and several font options to tweak the website to your liking. The important front-end property submission is also included, the agents can easily submit properties and add details like images and description about the property and profile management is also available so agents can update their profiles. The search bar includes filter option to refine the user’s options and the users can easily save their favorite property in a list and review it later.


London is a very modern and beautiful theme designed for real estate businesses and agencies. The theme is fully responsive which makes it extremely easy to use. The theme has an overall minimal design and minimal features which gives you the necessary features to build the right website. There are several options available to change the layout of the homepage to your liking, you can either use the one already set up or change a couple of content on the page. The aim is to stay minimal yet still deliver on the performance of the website by highlighting the properties. The theme also includes the one-click demo import for easy setup. Further add-ons are also available to be included in the theme like creating featured property listings and accepting listings from agents. It is an easy to use theme and is perfect for the real estate business.


Realto is a great WordPress theme for real estate businesses websites. The theme is clean and responsive and has all the necessary features. The theme is very user friendly which allows you to showcase the properties with ease and create elegant portfolios. The option panel allows you to modify the image, logo, colors and fonts. It is fully customizable and you can change to websites presentation and theme to your liking. The theme also offers excellent documentation and friendly support. You will really love running your business on Realto.


Homeland is a brilliant theme, it is the perfect solution for agencies and professionals in the real estate industry, and the theme focuses on building targeted audience in order to increase the company’s sales prospects.

The theme is completely responsive and user-friendly; it allows you to portray beautiful and professional images to your customers. You can easily create an outstanding online portfolio with the help of this theme because of how stylish and modern the website is which is sure to attract customers on your website. There are number of features included in the theme which makes submitting property listing easy and is also very easy to manage. The theme has three layouts to choose from and is fully customizable in terms of color, fonts, and background and header images. Get Homeland today!


Sweethome is a fully responsive and well-designed real estate WordPress theme which is suitable for companies and individuals who are in this business. All the necessary features are included in the theme, the admin panel of the theme which isvery user-friendly and the homepage widget builder, the theme also includes two different blog layouts which will help create the website with ease. The theme also includes an advanced search engine for easy property search. Sweethome is a good real estate theme to invest in.


WPCASA is built to enhance the functionality of the real estate WordPress themes. It was originally a theme but was relaunched as a plug-in. This meant that there was a major redesign of the entire thing, the process, updates, features and functionality.This plug-in is free and if it is matched with the right theme will really help you boost your real estate business. The pug-in is easily upgradable by installing add-ons. The benefit if this is that you can install the features and functionality you want at that time without being weighed down by unnecessary code. You can choose the features you want to enable which saves time, money and effort during the setup of the website.

After you have successfully installed the plug-in you can easily manage the property post type, how you want the posts to be showcased, organizing the content etc. With all its amazing features WPCASA is worth taking a look!

Real Expert

Real Expert is a very simple and clean real estate WordPress theme. The theme is fully functional and responsive. The theme also comes with great features suitable for a niche specific website like the real estate business. An advanced search engine for property search is a must have feature, multiple page templates to change the layout and custom widgets to tweak the website a little.

Real Expert has a unique feature; the country based map search which enables the visitors to find properties based on provinces and states, which makes the filter process easier. Currently the theme supports up to 30 countries. The theme is fully responsive and cones with complete documentation for easy installation. Real Expert theme is definitely worth the try!


Realtor is a very modern and stylish WordPress theme that is absolutely perfect for the real estate business, professionals, agencies and listing sites. The design is very responsive and the theme is also very user-friendly.

The design really gives the website a cutting edge and makes it stand out. All the functional features are included in the theme to help you set up the best real estate website. You can easily list, upload images and easily sell your property online with this theme. The visitors also have an option to create their individual accounts and add listings on it plus edit and customize at the same time. The interface where the users can access their accounts from is very clean and minimal. The theme also comes with Google Map integration with location tags for individual properties. The theme also comes with a very advanced search filter to find the exact property you are looking for. Customization options are also available. Get Realtor today!


Landmark is a responsive and beautifully designed WordPress theme which is built solely for real estate websites, property listing portal, agencies and professionals in this business. The theme is adaptable, functional and flexible which means that it can be easily set up by anyone. The theme offers excellent designed demos with one-click demo import feature for quick and easy setup. Customization of the website is made simpler with the help of the famous Visual Composer with easy drag and drop. The theme also features the integrated map function and with Google Maps it is easily done and all properties can be seen on the map along with their location tags. To make it more user-friendly the theme offers front-end submission to allow users to submit properties and make their own profile. Other features like saving your favorite property and comparison of properties are also available.

This theme will unquestionably amaze the customers and the business that run their company on this theme; it is definitely worth a try!

TM White Real Estate Theme

TM White Real Estate Theme is a clean and minimal theme perfect for a real estate business. The theme offers many features for you to build the perfect website. Customization can be done easily with the WordPress customizer and the live preview enables you to look at the changes made before they are saved. The installation and setup is quite simple which makes the theme user-friendly, an easy to use dashboard to properly manage the website from the back end. The theme is quite simple in terms of functionality so it is perfect for admins. The theme is perfect if you are looking for a clean and minimal website with only the important features required to run the website.


Hemma is a beautiful WordPress theme which targets resorts, hotels, holiday houses and real estate business. So if you have single property which you want to show to the audience to enjoy for the holidays you can easily do it with this theme. The theme is very simple and minimal but is very responsive and adaptable on all mobile devices. This theme will really grasp the user attention with its attention to details. The theme is also very easy to set-up with the help of video tutorials and documentation. A feature in this theme is a specific page where you can give details about the rooms the users would be interested to rent in with beautiful images of the room to showcase so a pre-made layout is already designed for you to simply enter the details and images and post it.

The theme is also integrated with Google Maps, customization in colors is also available, and you can also change the font of the website with multiple typography options. Try this awesome theme out if you are in the business of Holiday Homes, you will not be disappointed.


Luster is a feature packed, clean design and fully functional real estate WordPress theme. The theme provides great solutions for real estate businesses. There are over seven different demos available in the theme so you can easily startup your website and start working on it in no time. It also comes with many page templates and customization; you can really tweak the website to your absolute liking and make it completely unique and professional. With custom post option you can create any type of posts and customize it easily and you can also allow your users to submit personal properties on the website. With several other useful features Luster will definitely bring customers to your websites so try this theme.


ElegantEstate is a fully functional and highly responsive WordPress theme designed for real estate websites. The themes comes with all the necessary features, there are five color schemes from which you can choose the right color option to match your brand. The ePanel gives you full control of the website without ever using codes; you can change features, adjust layouts, change colors, and manage advertisements. Pre-made styles are also available for easy setup you can also create galleries and blog pages. The theme also comes with Google Map integration. ElegantEstate will be perfect for your real estate business.


Zuhaus is a feature-packed real estate WordPress theme with a professional looking design. The theme is very flexible and user-friendly, the homepage layout makes it easy for visitors to filter out the listings and search exactly what they want. A features section is showcased on the homepage along with the most popular items in the directory which is chosen according to user ratings. Visitors can easily add their own listings on the website, because of the theme’s versatile features you can either create your website to look like Airbnb or promote your own properties. You can add properties with extensive details, images and pricing information. You can also create membership packages with Zuhaus and charge users for submitting properties on the website. Zuhaus overall is a great theme and will work well for a real estate website.


divi theme

Divi is a very powerful multi-purpose WordPress theme; its features are exceedingly exceptional which makes it really attractive for businesses in the real estate business. It can cater to any property related website because of its flexibility. With the powerful Divi builder you can build anything you set your mind to, everything can be done visually on the front-end. Simply select from one of the elegantly designed pre-made demos and start editing the homepage and typing content or you can also make your entire website from scratch. The theme is compatible on all devices. Companies who choose Divi will not be disappointed as this theme is the best theme out there that can be used for any website out there.