Best WordPress Business Themes 2018

Web development is accelerating at an aggressive rate. Better and user-friendly interfaces are in demand. When it comes to developing a successful website/application there are a number of factors which need to be addressed for absolute success. Nowadays customers are eager to know everything about the brand, and because of this all information is transparent, they want to know its value, look, feel, whether the product is cost effective etc. To get this information, the customer visits the company’s website or any social media platform for relevant details, so it’s very crucial now to keep the interaction between customers and how to effectively respond to their needs.

To have a website in today’s world is quite essential if you desire for your business to reach great heights and surpass all competitors. Creating a website is quite a hectic task which requires a lot of time and effort but with the easy availability of WordPress, building a website has completely changed making it much simpler and cost-effective, but not compromising the quality in any means.

WordPress is an open source content management system also referred to as ‘CMS’ that allows developing websites/blogs using pre-loaded most demanding built-in tools and plug-ins without having to program for it. WordPress does not require any pre-requisite programming and designing skills. A preinstalled plug-in and template function allow its users to choose from thousands of pre-loaded plug-ins or templates.

These WordPress themes are built to cater to all business needs to help the business grow and promote themselves. If you are interested in creating beautifully oriented business themes filled with awesome features, then do check out these themes that will help you stand out!

X | The Theme

X-themes theme

X is one of the most famous and powerful WordPress themes out there. It offers Stacks which are a bundle of 4 different and unique designs and styles packed with all the features exclusive to the X framework. Furthermore, there is an option built-in the theme to further customize the stacks.

It is the only theme out there to offer extended demos which means that the design is complete until the very end of a particular niche and can be installed with just a click.

You will be able to work on your site real-time on the front-end Plug-ins which works in harmony with X. It is definitely a very powerful and multi-diverse tool which businesses can surely benefit from.


divi theme

Divi is a complete and extremely innovative and modern WordPress theme. It is built to provide the utmost flexibility for all types of users, a lot of thought is put in to build such a magnificent theme. It covers all the basic needs of building a website but also has a lot more to offer.

It has a click and type option where you can simply start writing wherever you want and custom widgets, elements, and features.

It is very versatile with a huge list of beautiful demos to choose from with professionally design templates and layouts. The Divi Builder and the Drag and drop option that reduces the time it takes to create a professional quality website in minutes.

The portfolio pages are built seamlessly to easily represent your work to the viewers.

Divi is definitely a must-have for businesses and commerce websites, with extensive SEO capabilities and a very strong security system to keep the customers at ease.


revolution theme

Revolution is a beautifully integrated WordPress theme which really is an eye-catcher in terms of style and its modern aesthetics. The overall feel of the template is definitely unique in terms of features and style.

The stunningly crafted built-in demos are simple to import. Revolution is also compatible with WooCommerce to create a unique design for your online shops with several templates to customize the overall style of the page. The blog features offer stylish designs to be included in the webpage which will further enhance the look of the web page.

The Revolution theme is everything a business requires from its website and is a must-have.


sanabel theme

Sanabel is an extremely adaptable WordPress theme which covers the requirement of many business areas. There are over 10 demos with a one-click installation factor which makes it easier to transport all relevant data.

The theme is also compatible with all devices without ever risking the theme layout design and can be used by anyone with any level of skill beginner or advanced to customize it.

A shortcode generator is a powerful tool for all businesses by generating shortcodes for themselves. Even if somebody does not have the coding skills can still tweak whatever they want

Plus all the great features are included in Sanabel to build a perfect webpage.


cesis theme

Cesis is a multi-purpose dynamic theme best for all natures of businesses with several demos to choose from that include photography, health and wellness and many more.

The theme is built to be user-friendly and changes can be made to the front-end with no coding skills required. The options panel is very powerful which enables you to change any part of the website. The headers and footers are also easily customizable with what suits you the best. WooCommerce integration is also available with Cesis. Lastly, it comes with good customer support which includes video tutorials, documentation, 4 languages and a support forum.

Cesis is overly powerful but at the same time extremely easy to use making it a grand choice for businesses.


brando theme

Brando is a modern multi-purpose One page WordPress theme, suitable for a business like an ad agency, freelancer, photography, architecture firm etc. The layouts are clean and extremely stylish along with pre-made portfolio styles which will make it more interesting to showcase your designs and achievements on this theme. Blog Layouts are very creative which will engage the user more in the website with additional photos and videos.


jevelin theme

Jevelin is a multi-purpose theme good for business or freelancers. It has a mix of plugins, tools and beautiful and clean demos. It is extremely easy to build a website with features included in this theme with the drag and drop option, the one-click option to install the website, it is filled with unique layouts and templates. There are also 10 portfolio options with the option o customize everything like changing fonts, color schemes etc.

This theme is buildable within minutes which mean it is quick, easy and versatile and good for any type of business.

The Gem

the gem theme

The gem is a visually pleasing and versatile WordPress theme built with a complete set of tools, widgets, and plugins required to work in perfect harmony with the website. It is perfect for modern website across any field of business.

It has over 150 creative and professionally designed templates to choose from which make sure that the right features are added to the website according to the business need and future growth.

Everything is completely customizable and it is also mobile friendly which will smoothly run on any mobile device.

It is impeccable for a large or small business of any sort and likewise for online stores.


you theme

YOU is an easy and customizable WordPress theme, able to set up a website fast with all the necessary tools needed. It is good for business, e-commerce, portfolio etc.

Over 20 plus professional demos to choose from with a fast loading feature. The Live Editing features allow simply just dragging and dropping the content on the front website without any hassle, making it time efficient.

Their aim is to provide a hassle-free theme which is flexible and adaptable so you can get creative with the business aspects without ever worrying about coding. A good support team and center are available with tutorial videos to help you start up.


kalium theme

Kalium is an excellent WordPress theme for blogging and portfolio. It has a drag and drops option along with multiple design layouts for the site to be created in minutes.

There are many beautiful demo concepts which can be installed in one click. It also has over 30 portfolio styles available which can be customized easily, it is perfect for businesses to showcase their work in a clean and beautiful manner. Each individual element has its own specific shortcode. It is easily translatable in multiple languages, making the website more accessible for people.

The Architect

the architect theme

The Architect is a flexible beautifully oriented theme, best suited for architects, interior designers, Architectural firms and design agencies.

It is built in such a way which will enable you to highlight the company’s key features of the design. A well-portrayed portfolio is a must-have feature for industries as this is their strongest marketing point that’s why The Architect provides a fresh platform to show old and current projects in an eye-catching layout to amaze your clients. A dedicated blog page to keep the customers engaged all the time about upcoming new designs, and lastly a beautiful design to match the company’s brand aesthetic which is also adaptable on all screens.


avada theme

Avada is a complete feature packed rich theme for all businesses, it is easy to use and quite versatile. The best feature it comes with is the Fusion Builder the drag and drop option on the website giving control to the customer to make stunning pages however they like.

Full design integration for plugins like woo commerce is included and compatible with the popular plug-ins. It has excellent customer support and the demos that Avada offers are extremely professional and their demo importer works seamlessly on one click and can also be easily un-installed immediately if needed. A complete package perfect for every business module needs.


dalton theme

Dalton is an extremely flexible, highly dependable, modern and a fetching WordPress multi-purpose theme. The theme is very practical for making it ideal for all sorts of businesses.

Because Dalton is so full of feature and highly customizable in nature it makes it adaptable to any business concern possible. The famous WooCommerce e-commerce plugin in integrated with Dalton making it hassle-free to set up your very own online shop in a couple of minutes.

WordPress’s most advanced framework is the Redux Framework on which the Dalton is built; which means extensive theme options, the drag and drop builder and one-click installation process.

Dalton is unquestionably a complete package.

Massive Dynamic

massive theme

The massive dynamic is a powerful theme with its highlight feature to make it very easy to build the website within minutes with a powerful and extremely flexible drag and drop tool called the visual website builder.

It has over 60 pre-built websites, a wide range of possibilities to choose from related to your business. It is also woo-commerce ready to start your e-commerce business easily with no hassle.

The Ark

the ark theme

The Ark is a fresh theme for freelancers it has many features with over 307+ demo pages making it extremely versatile and with the one-click installer. It is a theme where you can get quite creative with it and do whatever you like till it fits the needs. It also includes over 20 blog elements and multiple portfolio elements which will help make the website more engaging to the customer.


consulting theme

Consulting is a modern day theme which is perfect for business that provides services to customers. Custom graphs and pie charts can be made related to the firm to attract potential customers.

Around 20 demo templates to choose from also the drag and drop option in real-time editor make it easier to build the website front page accordingly.

It also provides an option for customers to make their appointments online with the help of an appointment manager thus simplifying appointment schedules for the business.

The WPML translation option is also provided for customers with different languages that will make it easier for them to use the website. A 24/7 customer support is also available along with live chat. This theme is a powerful feature for service providing businesses and should be considered.

Studio 8

studio-8 theme

In order to define your brand, a company should create an eye-catching and striking website to always be above its competition at all times. Studio 8 will definitely give you the stunning theme that will put your brand on the very top.

Everyone can create a business page with studio 8 regardless of their skill level. You can display your projects in a visually appealing way to the viewers and also make an online shop with the WooCommerce integration feature and compatible on all devices.

Construction - WP Construction, Building Business

construction theme

The Construction theme is perfect for businesses in the construction and building department. The themes are built in a way so as to make it easier to install and customize a few options with the drag and drop page builder. The design element includes the construction visual. They also offer great customer support and this theme can be used on all devices smoothly and is also WPML compatible.

It is ideal for the construction business.


scalia theme

Scalia is a visually stunning theme at the first glance with loads of functionality and quite interactive/ Although it can be overwhelming for the new users to use this theme it still is quite dynamic to work with this it makes it multi-purpose. There are five elements which are the highlight of Scalia that are; Scalia multipurpose, online shop, creative one-pager, parallax landing and Stylish blog.

With its multi-purpose content, it really can be used for everything, with so many layouts, designs, and functionality it definitely makes sit a powerful theme.


navy theme

Navy has a modern and simplistic aesthetic in its theme; it is a multi-purpose business theme with a very clean and sleek look perfect for a modern business. There are around 12 eye-catching homepages tailored to individual needs and page templated which can be customized with the drag and drop plugin. There are many other options which can be done to modernize the site like add video backgrounds and add sliders in the website to create interest, and you can keep on experimenting until you find what works best.

So, this is a definite theme for modern business owners looking for a simplistic yet stylish design overall.

Lawyer & Attorney

lawyer and attorney theme

This theme is optimal for lawyers, legal firms, and attorneys, with a fully responsive layout and multiple options to choose from. It also comes with a custom built consultation form where the clients can fill in their details for further processing.

The Drag and Drop Builder which makes building the site even easier. Thus this theme overall is well fit for law firms and businesses alike.


corporate theme

Corporate is a powerful but very vibrant theme good for businesses, portfolios and general business also. Easy Demo import is available and the themes are very responsive which function properly on all devices with perfect resolutions. It is a fun vibrant colorful theme which also includes the option of animated background colors with over 60 animation effects which can be used. There is also a progress bar which can show the skills the company has achieved up to the current date for e.g. their social presence. It also has a testimonial Post type to stylishly show off the client’s testimonials on the website.


pofo theme

POFO has a unique and bold design which for sure will get the customers attention. A beautiful theme designed for creative teams, agencies, photographers and corporate business.

It has over 25 demos and over 200 pre-built templates and a one Click demo importer for simplicity with pixel perfect templates that will make the website stand out and give it a modern feel. It also offers e-commerce with plug-ins like Woo Commerce and Mail Chimp to help out with email marketing.

Overall POFO is a flexible, fast and modern template adhering to all business websites needs and worth considering.


codeus theme

This theme has a great customization option, Codeus has a beautiful design and it was built by the award-winning designer Kontramax.

It has a powerful admin panel which makes the process to customize the website easy and quite fast; there is two skin available light and dark, the skins are easy to change at any time. It definitely does make the design process simple for anybody who is doing it the first time. Finally, there is detailed documentation, good customer support, and future updates.


enfold theme

Enfold has multiple beautifully designed demo options to choose from and the demo can be easily installed with the click of a button. It has a responsive layout which means it is adaptable on all screens, it is also retina ready. Step by step tutorials to set up the theme along with a video demonstration is also provided. Enfold can also be used in multiple languages with the WPML plugin. Suitable for business websites, e-commerce or people who want to present their portfolios on the website.

Zerif Pro

zerif pro theme

Zerif is a one page WordPress theme which is fully functional on all devices with a flexible interface. It is totally customizable and business of all sorts can use this theme to build a beautiful running website within some time.

Zerif comes with five different child themes with its own different templates and layout. The single page design enables the customer smooth browsing experience, it also comes with a built-in option like the About US and team member option panel gives a good way of introducing yourself to the customer.

If you run a product on the website Zerif gives easily the option on the webpage to introduce pricing table and packages. There is an already integrated option for customers to stay in touch with you to send messages etc.

Overall Zerif is definitely a good business theme.


corpus theme

In the creative industry, presentation stands out the most that’s why a beautiful integrated theme which highlights the creative factor is the theme to choose. Corpus is a stylish theme which will work well for businesses in the creative department.

The main concept for Corpus is to be user-friendly which allows the user to experience design process with ease and still produce the website project they wish to with an impressive feature list along with clean and sleek design across the entire website.

The separate Learn More about Us Tab really takes it to another level of engaging the customer more where you can find out about the company in depth and check out all their past and present works in detail and get to know the company better.

A well put a theme for creators looking to add that stylish edge to enhance their work.


quasar theme

Quasar is a theme packed with all features and tools; it has the third party tools like the curvy slider which makes it different.

Curvy Slider gives the option to animate multi-layer slider with ease this gives it a cutting edge over the competition.

A recent work tab is present where visitors can quickly glance over the latest projects worked on to get an idea

The Rock Page Builder makes it faster and efficient to develop faster page elements and the form builder helps to build out forms to go into the website for the visitors which improve business functionality.

This overall is a great theme to look into.

Ruby Theme

ruby theme

Ruby is a feature-packed WordPress theme with a powerful framework. It has 12 demos which can easily be imported and all the main business topics are covered in the demos.

All the premium plugins are included in the theme and the rest of the features further enhance the theme; a retina-ready design, translation ready, Ruby is also integrated with Google Maps and customer support feature which includes video tutorials, documentation, and direct support.


total theme

Total is a brilliant theme for business or personal use and even for freelancers. It is very reliable with exquisite designs. The famous drag and drop option on the front end is included in the theme plus the simple built-in demo importer options.

The live theme customizer lets you tweak anything like color, fonts etc. with a preview option to check how the website looks before it goes live.

The features are filled with the option for a business like a portfolio presentation, pricing plan options, and team member introduction pages. Definitely, all the plus points are there to promote business.


centum theme

Centum is a clean and reliable theme. It is a very simple theme which doesn’t include the extra features but still provides the elegant looking style most business want from their site.

The theme also integrates Woo Commerce and the slider revolution plugin, to add a portfolio option there are eight different styles to demonstrate your work.

It is undeniably for those who look for simplicity in a theme and are happy with minimalistic features.


flawless theme

Flawless is a multi-purpose theme with a great framework. The page builder is redesigned in such a way to make the process more efficient with features like a visual editor and a better parallax section to make scrolling easier. The rest of the important features required are included in the theme.

They also provide with premium support.


grecko theme

Grecko is an elegant multi-purpose corporate theme. It is perfect for law firms, tax consultancy, accountancy, business service providers, freelancers and startups companies.

This theme is extremely featured packed perfect to start with this theme and take it to new levels. It is fully customizable according to the site needs with the help of TRX framework. It has a good review feature; there are also 3 different portfolio styles. It also has a nice plugin compatibility with Woo Commerce, WPML, and SEO.


nimble theme

Nimble is a strikingly bold theme, perfect for businesses who like things unique and different. It still strikes a balance with its awesome functionality features. It has a responsive design which will play on all devices. There are five outstanding color schemes in Nimble to choose your ideal style. The templates also include portfolio and blog options, image gallery and advanced search features.


roxima themes

Roxima is a one page WordPress theme with its custom content widgets you can create the website however you like it to be.

Custom templates, background images you can design it the way you like to make the website standout. The full-color control options can enable you to change every element of the page like the header, background colors etc.

Roxima is a complete package theme with a very simple approach towards website building and suitable for all types of business modules.


unicon theme

Unicon is a minimalist design theme where the focus is more on the content. The clean design is not fussy and easy to navigate through which allows the viewer to understand the work of the business better but still it maintains the beautiful visual element in its design. The portfolio layouts are simple and clean to ensure the products stand out to potential clients.

Heavily packed features; like the drag and drop option, an admin panel which is advanced, a complete responsive layout, WPML ready and much more.

Overall the theme is built perfectly for a business website, a blog or a creative agency.


infinite theme

Infinite is an innovative, dynamic and very responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme.

This theme surely promises the multi-purpose features required in a theme so versatile.

It is packed with dozens of demos which are further separated into several categories like corporate, creative and WooCommerce. The powerful demo importer makes it extremely easy to import and the website can be running the same day it was set up. The advanced admin panel of Infinite allows several things to be changed for e.g. the header style, create a skin, or change the layout etc. and it is also wholly responsive on all devices plus good customer support.


tower theme

The Tower is a skillful and reliable WordPress theme to achieve all business requirements; all the tools imaginable are included in the theme which further enhances the quality and aesthetic of the webpage. A multi-language option is available to attract viewers across the globe.

There are 30 beautiful layouts along with easy one-click demo feature.

It is a definite business-oriented theme and should be considered.


kallyas theme

Kallyas is a very professional multi-purpose WordPress theme. The platform is very trustworthy with a wide variety of impeccable websites in all areas. From portfolios to latest posts to sliders there is everything in the Kallyas theme. With just a few clicks you can be easily presenting your work on the webpage, or listing product or services and so much more.

The text editor on the front page lets you choose from multiple of font themes along with size and color options too, the famous visual builder with the beautiful drag and drop option simplifying everything.

The WooCommerce plugin integration is available with custom templates to set up your online shop. Kallyas also has multiple blog layouts to write fun and rich content on the web page.

Therefore Kallyas theme is a must-have for businesses of all types.