Tips For Designing An Effective Exhibition Stand

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The design of your exhibition stand plays a surprisingly large role in your success at any type of industry show or event. Most experts recommend beginning planning your design at least four months prior to the date of the show. This will give you plenty of time to iron out the details. The finished design should not only be eye-catching enough to attract attention but it should also help you accomplish your goals for the show.


Tips For Designing Your Exhibition Stand

Put together a summary for the show that includes what you hope to accomplish, the overall message that you want to get across, and any other ideas that you may have.

Provide all of your team members and any stakeholders with a copy of this summary. This allows you to solicit feedback early on and also helps ensure that everyone is on the same page.

If you are working with an outside agency or a contractor, like Image Group, the summary is also beneficial since it makes it easier for them to visualize how you want the finished stand to look.

We have put together a complete guide on creating a brief for an exhibition, which you can download here.


Figure Out Your Goals

What are your primary objectives? When designing your stand, it is essential to keep these objectives in mind so that the design helps you reach your goals.

What results do you want to get out of exhibiting?

How can you tell whether or not you obtained those results? Setting measurable goals makes it easier to track your achievements. 


Know Who You Are Targeting

Analyzing the attendees will allow you to get a better feel for the types of people who attend the show. Gather details like what position they work in, what industry they are involved with, how large their companies are, and any other information that could give you a better sense of who they are.

Is your goal to solidify your relationships with your existing customers or are you trying to gather new leads?

Do the attendees have a lot in common with your current customers? How likely are your products or services to appeal to the people in attendance?


What Are You Trying To Say?

Coming up with a clear message is important. What key takeaways do you want visitors to leave with when they walk away from your stand?

Is there a theme that you want to stick with?

Can you promote your stand through advertisements that you are running at the same time as the event?

What is the best way for you to get your message across?

How can you connect with the ideal audience?


What Type Of Experience Do You Want Visitors To Have?

When people step into your stand, what do you want them to see or do?

Figure out how you want to interact with attendees. Do you want to focus on gathering leads, conducting product demonstrations, or simply greeting visitors and answering their questions? Do you need to design your stand in a specific way to help you achieve these objectives?


Extra Tips

Conducting demonstrations is an effective way to get people to notice your stand.

Encourage your staff members to stand at all times. It is easier to greet visitors when standing than it is to have to get up each time someone enters the booth.

Find out the maximum height that you are allowed for your stand. Typically, this will range anywhere from about 4 meters to 6 meters. You may be able to hang signs above your stand, as well.


Work With A Trusted Contractor

Research contractors carefully, looking for an experienced company that specializes in designing stands for exhibitions.

Are they qualified to build your stand? Do they have the right products and design capabilities to bring your vision to life?

If you plan on exhibiting again in the future, determine whether or not the contractor can help you with your upcoming exhibition needs, as well.

Lastly, always remember to focus on your message throughout the show. The overall design of your stand should reinforce your message. When determining whether or not a particular contractor is a good fit, ask yourself whether you would visit one of their stands when passing by at a show.

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