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From the 1990s to the mid-2000s, web design evolved at a slow, gradual pace. However, since then, we have seen it rapidly change due to the constant advancement in technology. For your business website to stay relevant and generate traffic, staying ahead of the trend is a must. We have the rundown on the latest […]

tech career

There is no denying that the tech industry is one that is thriving now. However, with many different technical recruitment options to choose from, it can be difficult to know what direction to take your journey in. If you are struggling to decide between a career in software development and website development, we hope that […]


E-commerce is one of the hottest trends as more businesses opt to sell services and products online. You find countless new e-commerce websites pop up on a daily basis but not all survive. Many do so because there is an art to ensuring your e-commerce website is design and developed for consumers. Consumers have tons […]

web design typography

Whether you are interested in designing a new website or giving your existing one a facelift, typography can play an integral role. Just changing the typeface can give your site a fresh look without the need for a complete overhaul. That is why you should buy fonts instead of using free and less appealing fonts. […]

web designers

Content management systems provide an easy entry point for web designers and publishers. It has become a vital part of job description of web designers. You can find more details about the job description of web designers here. Content management systems, or CMS, make it easy to create a high-quality website without having much technical […]

busniess website

Every small business owner often asks if their small business should have a website or not. They have been asking this question for quite some time. Why? Because they often need to differentiate between expenditures that are necessary and those that are not necessary. A considerable number of small business owners believe that having a […]

web design tips for small businesses

A website can make or break the impression of your business in a matter of seconds. In this hyper-competitive online business environment, you need to stand out in order to make your business successful. Here are some useful web design tips for small business owners to get maximum out of their websites. 1. Quality Images […]

virtual assistant

The customer care portal is one of the essential departments in every business, but especially in IT and web design. This is the customer’s first line of contact before he/she can start transacting with the company.   Although most already established IT and web businesses have a customer care department, small businesses rarely have a customer […]