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project manager

If you are considering a career in the field of project management but are not sure exactly what you might be looking for then it may be worth considering digital project management. This is a role that combines a wide range of skills and competencies in order to create the perfect role for any individual. […]

Why we should create mobile apps

Mobile applications are going popular across the world because of their performances in the business. From an online shopping store to food delivery and health, there is no line of work that does not have any application of their own. Applications and proved themselves a trustworthy business partner, which can earn you some sincere customers […]

e hard drive

External Hard disk drives connectible to the computer through a USB port are now quite popular. Is it possible to boot from them and run the operating system? People naturally would love to have the possibility of using the external hard disk as an alternative to the fixed hard disk inside the computer problems like […]


The numbers of the increasing rates of kidnapping and missing children around the world have made most of the parents more concerned about their children’s security. Furthermore, they are always worried about which places they visit every day and whom they meet while they go out of home for school or college. There are chances […]

TV as computer

We all know how to use a computer monitor as a TV by tv aerial installation. In this article, we will discuss how can we use a TV as a computer monitor. Using a TV as a computer monitor is very easy to do either with add on computer accessories or with equipment already built […]

dlp tv

Big screen DLP rear-projection TVs are much cheaper than LCD or plasma and offer comparable picture quality. Mitsubishi is the leading manufacturer. Developed by Texas Instruments, DLP (Digital Light Processor) technology is used in theaters offering digital projection and in-home TV projectors – the kind you hang from the ceiling that projects imagery onto a […]

lg tv

Sharp and LG have unveiled the world’s largest LED TVs. Buyers should compare the specs of both before making a choice. The flat-screen television market is all set for the next level of 3D LED TVs with the official introduction of LG LZ9700 72” and Sharp LC-70LE732U 70” (69.5 inches to be precise). Until now, […]

Cell Phone Spy Apps

Being a stalker is now a lot easier. No longer does he have to spend his time following his prey and watching their every move. He can do it all from the comfort of his living room through his target’s cell phone. For $150 to $350, depending on the features desired, a stalker or other […]

data recovery

A beginners guide and first steps to recovering data from a failed hard drive A failed hard drive can be a painful experience for any normal user as it technically means that years of hard work, important data, and personal information is gone forever. The good news is that data is recoverable in most cases […]