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web design

From the 1990s to the mid-2000s, web design evolved at a slow, gradual pace. However, since then, we have seen it rapidly change due to the constant advancement in technology. For your business website to stay relevant and generate traffic, staying ahead of the trend is a must. We have the rundown on the latest […]


If you want to be a success as a startup project manager then there are some skills that you will need to perfect along the way. These could stand alongside any training courses for PMs that you might choose to take. Whilst qualifications are a good step for any new project manager, they are only a […]


Like many other segments of the market, residential real estate is going through an adamant time. Primary supply remained low, investor confidence decreased, leading to the delayed launch of new projects. However, the market outlook still has many positive signs. The epidemic has also left valuable lessons for real estate investors in plans. Assessing the […]

organized room

If you are struggling to organize your home well it could be worth trying some common decluttering methods to see if they can get you clearing up with ease. Decluttering is a great idea to get the home cleaner, clearer and more spacious, and aesthetically pleasing. The problem is that it doesn’t come naturally to […]

home office

Would you love to work from home feeling comfortable in the safety and security of your working space? These six tips will help. Working from home has a lot of benefits, and plenty of unique challenges too. For example; you don’t have your boss actively creating the right workstation and working environment for you at […]

tech career

There is no denying that the tech industry is one that is thriving now. However, with many different technical recruitment options to choose from, it can be difficult to know what direction to take your journey in. If you are struggling to decide between a career in software development and website development, we hope that […]

project manager

If you are considering a career in the field of project management but are not sure exactly what you might be looking for then it may be worth considering digital project management. This is a role that combines a wide range of skills and competencies in order to create the perfect role for any individual. […]


Venetian blinds for windows are curtains, the canvas of which consists of narrow strips called lamellas. The lamellas can be turned with a stick and lifted with a cord. These blinds will fit into almost any room design and provide a variable level of sun protection. You are free to choose the color of blinds […]


Another type of business that’s doing really well post-pandemic is the real estate property industry. One of the leaders, Southcourt Property has excellent reviews and has fans all over the world, as their reviews show. They provide training and digital services to get a new agency up and running and are placed at the top […]


PROJECT OVERVIEW Empire City Thu Thiem is an apartment project in District 2 of an alliance of investors Keppel Land Vietnam, Tien Phuoc and Gaw Capital Partners that has scored with VIPs at the time of its launch. Thanks to owning the “gold in gold” location, right at the 2b core plot of Thu Thiem […]