5 Tips To Speed Up Your Office Internet Connection

internet speed

Slow internet kills the productivity and motivation in the team.  Especially if your products are services are related to technology or involve a lot of technology then slow internet may cause a disaster for your company.

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to speed up your office internet connection.

Control devices that interfere with the connection

There are many appliances which can interfere with the internet connection. These appliances include microwave over, cordless phones, security alarms, and other wireless devices. You can use the network analyzer to get the idea of appliances which are hindering the internet. The microwave oven is one of the appliances which affect the internet the most. You can reposition such appliances so that they would not slow down your internet connection,

Control applications that hog bandwidth

There are some applications which hog bandwidth. Applications like Netflix, uTOrrent, online gaming applications, and video streaming applications can slow down the internet. Make sure your office computers don’t have such applications installed. If you need such applications the regulate their usage. Set a time for video conferencing so that it may not affect the work of other employees.

Reposition your router

Like all other appliances, repositioning the router may help in improving the internet speed. Try to place the router where you can easily access its waves that it broadcasts. The higher position of the router may not necessarily improve the speed of the internet. You may consider placing the router in the center position of your office. You can also consider placing the router near computers and other receiver devices as close as possible.

Consider getting an upgrade

If your device and other components of the network are old then you must consider an upgrade. Technology is improving so fast the even after a couple of years your office technology may become obsolete. There are many things which can be upgraded like a new antenna can be installed or the router can be replaced to ensure proper broadcast of the waves. You can also consider a wireless amplifier.

Use the latest network technologies

As recommended earlier, your office needs the latest technology in order to make your team more productive and grow your business. Technology is growing at a very rapid pace. This is not only about the hardware. There are many software updates which make your systems work faster and improve the speed of the internet.

If you need a disruption-free internet in office you may consider Small Business IT Support Companies which can help you run your operations smoothly by making your internet and other IT related appliances up to date and running.

If you know any other tips for making internet fast then do let us know in the comments section below.

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