5 Signs That Your Business Is at Risk of Cyberattack


Cybersecurity is the biggest concern for many companies working in the landscape of the internet. It’s not only the big giants that face cybersecurity challenges but also small and medium-sized organizations are also the target of hackers.

According to research conducted in 2018, 67% of the small businesses have experienced cyberattacks while 58% suffered from a data breach.

Here are the signs that indicate that your business is at risk of cyberattack and what measures you can take to avoid the potential disaster.

1) Your Computers are Running Old Operating Systems

Most of the operating system developers update operating systems regularly. While doing this they also limit support for the old operating systems. They also stop the updates for the old operating system like Microsoft did with the Windows 7. This is an opportunity for hackers as they can routinely target machines running old operating systems as soon as their “end of life” date passes, stealing any unsecured data or easily accessible personal information for future use.

2) Your Employees Work Remotely or From Mobile Devices

If your employees work remotely or from mobile devices on important company properties like websites, servers or emails then as a business owner you need to take extra measures to avoid any cyberattack.

You can check NY IT Support Services for the best solution in such situations. If your team doesn’t have the capability to manage and secure your data they why not hire an IT firm.

3) Your Data is NOT Backed up remotely and regularly

This is a huge warning for your if your data is not being backed up regularly and remotely at a secure position. If your server or website gets hacked and you don’t have any back up then this is a disaster for your company. Hackers are trying to hack your website and ask for ransom. Many business owners are willing to pay hackers for their data.

If your company takes regular back up of all your data then even if your servers get hacked you can re-upload the data with updated credentials. Either you should take the back up of your important data or be willing to pay millions in order to recover your old data.

4) Provide Regular Cybersecurity Training to Your Employees

If your team is not aware and trained for the latest hacking threats and trends then you are more likely to fall prey to hackers. You need to provide regular cybersecurity training to your employees and keep then aware of the latest hacking trends like Ransomeware.

5) Your IT Support Staff in Not Trained So Well

If your IT‌ support staff is not aware of the cyberattack threats then your system can easily be hacked. Make sure your IT support staff is knowledgeable and they take good measures to avoid any cyberattack.

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