How to Use an Enlargement Pump safely

does size matter

There are thousands of pumps available in the market and most of them work in the same way. There are only small differences from the pump to the pump.

Most of the beginners are not aware of the safety requirements for using an enlargement pump like Bathmate Hydromax.

In this article, we will discuss the best ways for you to stay safe and avoid injury while using the pump. You need to follow those specific instructions down to the last detail.

1. Look out for a pump with a pressure gauge

Going overboard on the pumping is very likely to happen, especially if you are new to pumping. It is highly recommended to look for a penis pump that has a pressure gauge or a vacuum limiter.

With the help of the pressure gauge, you will be able to see the pressure while you pump so you can keep track of how much you are applying to your penis.

On the other hand, a vacuum limiter will stop you from over-pumping by limiting the amount of pressure within the cylinder for you.

2. Use a comfort pad or penis pump sleeve

Most of the penis pumps are hard and you need a comfort pad or penis pump sleeve to add some cushioning to the part of the pump that connects with your skin.

Penis pumps are made of firm materials and if you don’t have something soft between your skin and the cylinder, they can be pretty uncomfortable to use. Using hard pumps can also result in bruising, making it uncomfortable next time you pump too.

3. Get grooming

If you have too much hair in your pubic region then you need to trim that hair as short as possible. This will make sure that the seal is airtight. The best way is to wax or shave the area completely. But, trimming is good enough to keep that seal nice and strong.

4. Lubricant is your friend

If you are using a vacuum pump then using some water-based lubricant around the pad or sleeve will also help to create an effective seal between your skin and the pump. Do not over-use the lube as this may cause too much slipperiness. Start by applying a small amount first and see how you go.

5. Get the right size cylinder for your body

If you want to get quick results then you need to pick the right size pump. This will help you to avoid injury to your body. Using a pump that is too small won’t provide enough pressure to create a difference in your erection size. While using a pump that is too big will apply too much pressure as there is a higher risk of over-pumping. A bigger pump will not fit with your body and you can’t create a seal.

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