WordPress Security

Some starter facts

Don’t have a simple password such as John,Sarah,admin,password,any of your names,where you are  born or live,your own website name,anything which is smaller than five  letters or numbers.

  • Using hacked themes or plugins.
  • Using plugins which have not being updated in 10 months or more since could have got hacked
  • Giving users to your site to much control such as making author to your website with Admin rights.
  • Easy to hack free emails or paid email addresses such as Gsuits over bad passwords.
  • Give no backdoors into your website through hacked plugins among other ways .

How can we make a decent password?

Make it long and random such as “xtl@1vS3a7h<“let us  look at this will anyone be able to guess that fast? No since it makes no sense and has no real words in it plus includes Capital letters and numbers and symbols.  A lot of the robot programs which try and hack sites passwords some of them can’t understand symbols meaning if you have some in your password which may stop the password being broke by anyone.


People often ask me so say I install Wordfench which means no one can hack my site anymore?

No Wondfench has an overall good reputation but it’s overall not very hard to beat it’s system if you can understand hacking well or even just okay but it’s still good enough for any of the less inexperienced hackers or as other call them Hacker Wannabes.

You need some way to stop people doing what is called Brut attack is where someone trys to break your password you need only to allow a max of three password fails trys if you do that will stop quite a lot of the hackers from WordPress style of sites.

You need a way to block people from bad IP’s such as if you have American based hackers coming from some kind of American IP block it fast to stop them the more often you do this the less likely they will try again  sometimes one does it other times may require more blocks by you .

Having a complex password with regards to your server is a critical case you are dealing with a smarter hacker so don’t use simple one here or it can backfire very fast in your face. Try and make sure if possible you use a website host who will do some kind of checks to make sure none of there sites have say a virus or being hacked by doing this it can allow you to  greater level of protection from problems and it also means if you are not directly logging into your site they will let you know if something went wrong it may not seem  of value if none of your sites have had security problems but if they had you will be able to see must in having security minded server provider you can get many good ones from the following countries  United Kingdom,Germany,America,France or Canada among other locations around the world .

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