Collaboration Skills for the Startup Project Manager

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If you want to be a success as a startup project manager then there are some skills that you will need to perfect along the way. These could stand alongside any training courses for PMs that you might choose to take. Whilst qualifications are a good step for any new project manager, they are only a relatively small part of the learning process and there is no substitute for training other than working on a project.  

Whether you are looking to determine your budget or timeline, set the goals for your project or simply communicate effectively with your team members then read on as we look at some of the collaboration skills that are needed as a startup project manager

What does a project manager do?

The role of a project manager is a diverse one that involves being involved with the project on every level. From the mapping of timelines to assessing the risks, creating the budget and defining the timescales, troubleshooting, communicating with team members and stakeholders you’ll likely experience it all before reaching the end result of the project.

The tasks involved with any project may vary from one project to another and can change often depending on any unexpected issues that might occur.

What are the essential skills?

The number one skill needed in project management is communication. Everyone within a project team needs to be able to communicate effectively. A startup project manager needs to be able to communicate not only with a range of different team members but also with stakeholders and suppliers Whilst much of this communication may be done on a verbal basis it is also very important that they are able to communicate effectively by other means as well. After all, stakeholders are often incredibly busy people who may prefer to receive regular email updates that they can look at when it is most convenient, rather than a regular scheduled telephone call.


Highly developed leadership skills are vital in any busy project environment and can make all the difference when it comes to successfully steering any project towards a successful conclusion. Leadership skills are honed with experience however Parallel Project management training can help you to improve on any skills that you might have. These skills include being able to motivate and mediate within the team and of course being able to communicate project goals effectively.

Team management

A startup project manager will be expected to manage their team from a strategic perspective as well as from an operational point of view. This includes being able to evaluate performance and resolve any conflicts that occur. As the project manager, it is also important to be able to inspire your team.


As the project manager, it is really important to ensure that there is an organization running through all the work that is undertaken on the project. And this organization starts with you, if the project manager is not organized then it can be harder for the rest of the team to be organized, so it is vital to lead by example.

Being organized will allow for the heavier workload to be managed smoothly ensuring that deadlines are met, and budgets kept to where possible.

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