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The growth of coworking spaces in remote freelance economy

Is there a coworking space/virtual office in your city? If you reside in a significant metropolitan area, the answer is most likely yes–in reality, you may have several. In 2018, 2,188 new coworking spaces opened round the planet, 1,000 of which have been in America. By 2022, there’ll be an estimated 25,968 coworking distances globally. […]

business at home

Today’s seniors aren’t what they used to be. Many are looking at their “retirement” years as a chance to start a second career, that business they had always dreamed of, and go after their goals. No longer does “retirement” have to signal an end to their working days, instead, it’s about transforming how they work. […]

virtual assistant

The customer care portal is one of the essential departments in every business, but especially in IT and web design. This is the customer’s first line of contact before he/she can start transacting with the company.   Although most already established IT and web businesses have a customer care department, small businesses rarely have a customer […]

business core values

To provide some help here, we have assembled this following sequential guide to discovering and creating your core business values. 1 – Get a Clear Picture of your Companies Current Standing The first step is to assess your company’s culture. How you view your company and what your company actually represents are two very different […]