Struggling To Get Organised? Here are 10 Decluttering Methods To Try

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If you are struggling to organize your home well it could be worth trying some common decluttering methods to see if they can get you clearing up with ease.

Decluttering is a great idea to get the home cleaner, clearer and more spacious, and aesthetically pleasing. The problem is that it doesn’t come naturally to many people, and feels like a huge chore that is much easier to avoid than tackle.

Do you struggle to get any decluttering done? If you find it to be an impossible task, check out these 10 decluttering methods to see if they can encourage you to take more steps to a clearer home:

1. KonMari

The KonMari method has found a lot of fame via her Spark Joy podcast and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. The method contains lots of different tips, including thanking your clothes for their service before getting rid of them and treating the items you do keep with care. It’s a good choice if you want to be inspired by watching a program full of handy tips.

2. Swedish Death Cleaning

Swedish Death Cleaning is a method that seems quite harsh, but actually, one that works well for very practical-minded people. The idea is that you declutter as though you are preparing for your death. What items are left behind for loved ones? How much would there be for your family to sort through? It is all about what you would truly hang on to because it has meaning or use, and the chances are it will leave a lot of your belongings feeling really unnecessary and easy to get rid of.

3. Four Bag Method

The four bag method is where you prepare four bags or boxes and label them – throw, gift, sell or keep. Of course, you can change the labels to suit if you want to put some items into cheap self storage or, into an upcycled box instead. You then sort through everything you own putting them into those different bags or boxes. It gives you a process to follow for decluttering, which can be helpful.

4. Quarantining

With this method, you simply place items you are unsure whether to keep or not into a box, label the box with the date and the item within it. If you don’t go into that box within six months you can probably get rid of it.

5. One In One Out

One in one out encourages that for every non-essential item you buy, you get rid of something you already have in your home. It’s a good method after decluttering as well, keeping your clutter levels down.

6. A Set Number Per Room

This rule recommends that you have to get rid of a set number of items per room. Maybe it is five items, maybe it is 30, it depends how cluttered your house is. Small bite-size goals like this can make it easier to start decluttering if you struggle to get started.

7. 20/20

The 20/20 rule is trademarked by The Minimalists and it suggests that if you can replace something you are considering getting rid of for less than $20 in 20 minutes then you can justify getting rid of it.

8. Backward Hanger

The backward hanger rule is where you turn all your hangers to face the same way and then over the next few months everything you get out to wear, you put back on the same hanger after it is washed and you turn the hanger the other way. At the end of the trial period, the items that haven’t been worn (as shown by the hanger directions) can be considered for decluttering.

9. Happy Me Or Happy Friend

Happy me or happy friend is a rule that encourages you to think about your items in terms of whether they make you happy, or they could make somebody else happy. The ‘friend’ could be your friend or family member, or it could be a charity. It’s about considering how much you truly get out of an item, and if the thought of somebody else using it brings you more joy, that’s a good reason to move it onto its new home.

10. 90/90

The 90/90 rule is another rule from The Minimalists where you ask yourself if you have used the item in the last 90 days, and will you use it in the next 90 days. If the answer is no, it is a prime candidate for your decluttering session.

The decluttering methods above can be applied to your home, garage, shed, and even your cheap self storage unit. Once you find one that works you can use it to organize your home and enjoy a more functional, aesthetically pleasing space moving forward.

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