Venetian Blinds — Venetian Style for Window Design

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Venetian blinds for windows are curtains, the canvas of which consists of narrow strips called lamellas. The lamellas can be turned with a stick and lifted with a cord. These blinds will fit into almost any room design and provide a variable level of sun protection. You are free to choose the color of blinds from the presented assortment of lamellas, as well as combine colors with each other or make lamellas of one color, and the cornice with laces of another.

Varieties of Venetian Blinds

By lamellas material

The slats of horizontal blinds can be made of 

  • aluminum, 
  • fabric, 
  • wood 
  • and even bamboo.

Wooden Venetial blinds are an exclusive solution. Such window treatments, due to the use of natural materials, are more expensive and susceptible to an aggressive environment, but they look very neat and give a more comfortable feeling.

By type of mechanism

In addition to the classic version of blinds, which are controlled by a stick and a cord, there are products that can be controlled using a chain, like roller blinds. The chain simultaneously raises and lowers the canvas, and also rotates the slats. The main advantage of this control option is increased durability, since the chain does not break as often as a stick, and practicality, since by lifting ordinary blinds, the cord becomes much longer and remains on the windowsill.

By the lamella width

Also, Venetian blinds differ in the width of slats. The standard widths are: 16, 25 and 50 mm. The first two types are well suited for installation on each window casement separately, and the widest variation looks most appropriate when installing one product over the entire opening.

Venetian blinds are versatile and suitable for all window types. These curtains are designed to provide comfort for residents of private premises and office employees, so do not hesitate to opt for Venetial style window treatment by placing your order at AtlantisCurtains!

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