Best Wordpress Themes, Plugins, Graphic Resources - Part 3

lg tv

Sharp and LG have unveiled the world’s largest LED TVs. Buyers should compare the specs of both before making a choice. The flat-screen television market is all set for the next level of 3D LED TVs with the official introduction of LG LZ9700 72” and Sharp LC-70LE732U 70” (69.5 inches to be precise). Until now, […]

Cell Phone Spy Apps

Being a stalker is now a lot easier. No longer does he have to spend his time following his prey and watching their every move. He can do it all from the comfort of his living room through his target’s cell phone. For $150 to $350, depending on the features desired, a stalker or other […]

data recovery

A beginners guide and first steps to recovering data from a failed hard drive A failed hard drive can be a painful experience for any normal user as it technically means that years of hard work, important data, and personal information is gone forever. The good news is that data is recoverable in most cases […]


Mitragyna speciose its common name is Kratom, a tropical evergreen and classic native to the jungles of Southeast Asia. In central and southern Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and elsewhere in the Pacific Rim, it grows wild. It is known for its hanging bunches of deep yellow flowers. Its height is reaching up to 42 feet […]


Acne scars can be prevented with proper education. Teenagers need to be informed of the growing concern for prevention. Acne is out there. Let’s face it, teenagers and people of any age encounter acne at some point in their lifetime. It is not the most exciting experience but can be prevented. A “scar is a […]

web designers

Content management systems provide an easy entry point for web designers and publishers. It has become a vital part of job description of web designers. You can find more details about the job description of web designers here. Content management systems, or CMS, make it easy to create a high-quality website without having much technical […]


For decades, Australian universities have developed partnerships with institutions located in Australia and worldwide to facilitate and formalise the transfer of international students to higher education programs. Through an impressive range of articulation agreements and recognition of prior learning (RPL) arrangements, universities have created effective models to engage with international institutions and candidates and offer […]

Some starter facts Don’t have a simple password such as John,Sarah,admin,password,any of your names,where you are  born or live,your own website name,anything which is smaller than five  letters or numbers. Using hacked themes or plugins. Using plugins which have not being updated in 10 months or more since could have got hacked Giving users to […]

I really like enjoying Scrabble. Well, I really like the pc version. My personal favorite is Word Feud which is similar to Words with Friends. I prefer the electronic version higher than the parlor game as a result of i prefer to cheat. Anyone WHO has ever competed with the electronic versions apprehend what i’m […]