All You Need to Know About Cell Phone Spy Software and Apps

Cell Phone Spy Apps

Being a stalker is now a lot easier. No longer does he have to spend his time following his prey and watching their every move.

He can do it all from the comfort of his living room through his target’s cell phone. For $150 to $350, depending on the features desired, a stalker or other interested party can legally purchase spy cell phone software that turns a cell phone into a listening and tracking device. All of this can be done without the phone owner’s knowledge.

Cell Phone Spy Software is Illegal Without Phone Owners Knowledge

It is currently illegal to install this software on a phone without the permission of the phone owner, but so are most of the things that stalkers do. If a stalker can get possession of his prey’s phone, all that is needed is about five minutes to install the program and he can spy on them from anywhere.

Cell phone spy programs are a violation of federal and state law. It is illegal to listen to someone’s phone calls without their knowledge and permission. However, anyone can purchase these programs anonymously over the internet with the clear intent of breaking these laws.

In some circumstances, cell phone spy software might be legally installed by employers for use on phones that they own. Employees might be told that their cell phone use would be monitored, without knowing the full extent of the monitoring, including monitoring during evenings and weekends.

Cell Phone Spy Software Records Calls and Messages

Once the installation is complete, the program will automatically alert the listener when the phone is in use. He can listen live to all conversations, or automatically record them to listen in later. He can access call logs of every call, text, and SMS message. Imagine the damage someone could do with this type of access to personal and business phone calls.

Cell Phone Can be Used as a Room Bugging Device

Listening to phone calls is only the beginning. This software allows the phone to be used as a bugging device, allowing a listener to overhear all conversations, even those taking place face to face. The makers of this software advertise this feature as being able to “bug meeting rooms”. If the phone is in the room, all conversations there can be overheard, including the most private ones.

Cell Phone Surveillance Includes GPS Tracking

As if all this wasn’t enough, the software makers have added GPS tracking into the mix. This little cell phone spy software program turns the cell phone into a tracking device. Every movement tracks live on the stalker’s computer.

The stalker would not even need to be close by in order to access all this information. All of the information gathered about phone call surveillance and tracking movements are uploaded to the internet, where the stalker can access them live or at his leisure.

Valid Uses For Cell Phone Surveillance Software

There are some valid uses of cell phone surveillance software and Spy apps. You can track the location of your lost phone with the help of the Spy Phone mobile tracker. Being able to track the phone could come in handy if the owner goes missing, or a child does not come home on time. However, for most applications, this software allows an extreme invasion of privacy that would make most people extremely uncomfortable.

The cell phone surveillance software is marketed to “catch a cheating spouse”, “protect your children” or to hear what is being said about you. The reality is that these uses are illegal, but they happen far too often.

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