LG 72-inch 3D LED TV Vs. Sharp 70-inch LED TV: Which is Better?

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Sharp and LG have unveiled the world’s largest LED TVs. Buyers should compare the specs of both before making a choice.

The flat-screen television market is all set for the next level of 3D LED TVs with the official introduction of LG LZ9700 72” and Sharp LC-70LE732U 70” (69.5 inches to be precise). Until now, the market standard for LED TVs has been 55-inch diagonal size. A jump from 55” to 70” or 72” translates into an overall viewing screen area increase of more than 60 percent! This represents a major technological leap by any standards.

Sharp Aquos Quattron 70-inch LC-70LE732U LED LCD TV

Sharp Electronics offers an extraordinary immersive viewing experience with this latest model with a screen size of 70 inches. The model uses Sharp’s proprietary technology for LCD panel X-Gen and Quad Pixel technology called Quattron, which delivers the widest color palette in LCD TVs and full array backlighting. The model comes with built-in wi-fi and advanced features such as CinemaNow, VUDU, Netflix, DLNA video streaming and Aquos Advantage online customer service.

This LED LCD TV offers full HD 1080p image resolution with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It includes four HDMI inputs to connect set top box, DVD or Blu-ray disc players and video game consoles. Another key feature of this model is IP Control that allows the TV to be controlled via a personal computer or a control panel. However, LC-70LE732U is not a 3D TV. This is a crucial point to note for prospective buyers who are keen to have the 3D feature in their LED TV. The model is Energy Star 5.1 qualified which is the highest rating for energy efficiency.

LG LZ9700 72” 3D LED LCD TV with Full LED-backlit

LG is coming up with the world’s largest 3D LED TV with 72-inch diagonal screen size. This is a full LED-backlit model, which means it includes a complete panel of LEDs behind the screen, and not just edge-LED models which are commonly being offered in the market by leading brands. LZ9700 has received the prestigious THX certificate. Full-led ensures sharp picture quality whether the viewer watches it in 3D or in 2D. Its TruMotion 400 Hz technology delivers an immersive viewing experience and crystal clear images even for fast action scenes.

Its Micro Pixel Control feature allows the user to conduct local dimming and sharpening. Other features include USB, Media Link and DLNA. Its proprietary Magic Motion remote control delivers advanced performance. LG is describing it as the world’s largest LED TV. Its key differentiating feature from Sharp’s 70” LED TV is the 3D feature, which is absent in Sharp’s model. This gives LG a slight edge over Sharp, particularly for buyers that are keen to buy 3D TV.

You can choose the best option for you based on this information and after tv aerial installation you can enjoy unlimited entertainment.

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