Applying the Values of Scrabble to Life

I really like enjoying Scrabble. Well, I really like the pc version. My personal favorite is Word Feud which is similar to Words with Friends. I prefer the electronic version higher than the parlor game as a result of i prefer to cheat. Anyone WHO has ever competed with the electronic versions apprehend what i’m talking regarding. you’ll be able to take a look at our crazy words simply to envision if by some little likelihood it works. you’ll be able to attempt totally different words in several places and can even add up the points for you thus you’ll be able to see that word or location will offer you the very best score.

I get excited once I spot a primary location on the board and that I look to get that I actually have the primo letters till I attempt to work them within the house. Darn it! I do not have the “E” I want. thus I create replacements with each alternative letter I actually have. I grow pissed off as a result of simply apprehending this is often the perfect spot. I’m positive I will create this ostensibly not possible state of affairs work.

I’m determined to place my word here! I keep attempting each variation of those letters however nothing passes, thus I flip the sport off for a short while. I am unable to believe that with all of my resources, I actually have to run away! I also use word finder to help me find the best words from the letters I currently have. This way I always get the advantage in the game for most of the time.

When I eventually come back to the sport, my eyes square measure somehow directed to the alternative facet of the board and there it’s, a Double Letter box that my ten purpose “J” can slot in, a Triple Word box and no “E” required for my word of alternative. Woo hoo! finish at last!

We do constant issues in life, we tend to attempt thus arduously to create what we tend to see because the excellent state of affairs slot in what we tend to see because the excellent location. we tend to attempt to mildew that lover or girlfriend into the right relative. We tend to settle for the task that limits our contribution or move to the new town hoping we tend to land on our feet. Psalm 23:5 (NIV) says, “You prepare a table before American state within the presence of my enemies”.

He has already prepared the simplest way for the North American nation. Our job is to trust in God, our supplier, even once things square measure rough. After we stress out and pay all of our energy trying to the left to resolve our issues by ourselves, we tend to square measure missing out on a very excellent answer that is to our right. The means are already created for North American nations, however WHO square measure we tend to trust for direction? Our creator or ourselves?


In life, we do not need to cheat. The answers square measure here for North American nations. Life is associated with an open book take a look at. In John 16:33 (NIV) Jesus Christ says, “In this world, you’ll have trouble. however take heart! (Be of excellent cheer!) I actually have overcome the world”. Jesus Christ has already won the race. he’s already at the finish. He’s not about to drag North American nation there. He left the selection to North American nation. We will follow and be radio-controlled to the proper facet of the board or we will go at it alone and take a look at to jam our concepts in a very house that doesn’t work.

Life may be an athletic Challenge. We do not need to navigate through the principles on our own. Realize a mentor or coach with a constant price system as you WHO will see the sport through a brand new perspective. Your coach can certify you’re being the most effective player you’ll be able to be and can guide you to the most effective opportunities to win your game. finish at last!

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