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I really like enjoying Scrabble. Well, I really like the pc version. My personal favorite is Word Feud which is similar to Words with Friends. I prefer the electronic version higher than the parlor game as a result of i prefer to cheat. Anyone WHO has ever competed with the electronic versions apprehend what i’m […]

Essential Tips on Clearing the Coding Interviews

Usually, software engineers are very weak at interviews as they only focus on the technical part during their education. They do not only have to be best while meeting the HR managers but also have to be best in the coding tests. Cording Interviews and tests are the most common thing which the company is undertaking […]

White Box Testing

  Developers and quality assurance testers have separate roles during a software development process. Developers develop and implement the functionality required by the client and QA tests to make sure the functionality they’ve developed meets the requirements. This type of testing, done by QA, is known as black-box testing. The way black-box testing works is […]