Skills and competencies for the digital project manager

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If you are considering a career in the field of project management but are not sure exactly what you might be looking for then it may be worth considering digital project management. This is a role that combines a wide range of skills and competencies in order to create the perfect role for any individual. However, that person needs to be motivated, organised and have the ability to direct team members and also meet deadlines.

It is the job of a digital project manager to ensure that things in the digital world are completed. This begins with the creation of a plan for the project and sees it through to completion. They would also have to deal with any necessary problem solving along the way in regard to unexpected issues that might occur.

The big question, however is what are those essential skills and competencies that someone might need in order to work as a digital project manager? What are those things that go beyond their project management qualifications?


You will have seen communication mentions a lot in terms of an important skill for any type of project management. We cannot stress enough just how important it really is. As a project manager it will be necessary to converse with an incredibly diverse group of people. This may range from the newest team member to the most experienced, from suppliers to stakeholders. Therefore, this means potentially using different styles of communication for different groups.

It also means being able to listen to everyone and give even the most inexperienced members of your team the respect of hearing their ideas. This could be invaluable when you encounter an unexpected issue as solutions can come from anyone.

Problem solving

A huge part of the role of the digital project manager is problem-solving. In essence, a project is one big problem that you are looking for a solution for. Over the course of a project, even the best planned one, it is highly likely that you will encounter problems that you didn’t anticipate. These might be issues that could have implications for your budget, timescales for completion of the project or both.

Essentially, solving problems will take up a lot of your time. Working on those problem solving skills you have learned on your project manager courses is really important.

Negotiation skills

Deadlines are a major part of the role for any digital project manager. This requires knowing how to work with other teams within the company as well as any external vendors and stakeholders in order to keep everything on track. Sometimes a digital project manager may find themselves faced with an unrealistic, and unobtainable deadline that will mean needing to negotiate something that will work.

Doing this when the stakeholder is set on a particular deadline can be tricky. However, with the right negotiation skills it is possible. It may also be necessary to negotiate over things like contracts, rates and even expectations for the project as it progresses. Nobody really likes altering things once a project has begun but all too often it is necessary to ensure the successful outcome of the project. A digital project manager with the right skills and competencies will be able to handle this.

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