5 Tips to Grow Your Local E-commerce Startup


We are living in the age of the internet and eCommerce. The internet has opened a gate for businesses to move their business online.

Thousands of eCommerce businesses are started every month but not all of them are successful. It is not always about the idea, it is about the execution of the idea.

If you are one of those eCommerce startups and really want to push your business to the next level then this article is for you. Well, digital marketing is very important but not the only factor in the success of an eCommerce startup.

If you really want to make your startup successful then here are the tips to do that.

1. Functional & mobile-friendly website

It is really important to have a clean, user-friendly and fully functional website. The platform you choose to build your website is very crucial for your business process and success. You should consider Shoppiko, the best eCommerce platform for startups in India.

The other important thing in having a mobile-friendly site. A study shows that the number of smartphone users will grow beyond 2.5 billion making it absolutely compulsory to have a mobile-friendly site.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate on smartphones. Make it fast loading and cross-browser compatible.

2. Engage in local social platforms

Social media has made it very easy to interact with people. It is the most cost-effective way of engaging the users of a particular area. If you are targeting particular geography and want to reach the audience with the minimum cost then social media is the answer.

Social media is not only a source of reaching the people but also your presence on social media builds trust among the users. You can have personalized interactions and conversations with the users.

Going a step further, you can partner up with local influencers and win new customers in your territory.

3. Create compelling e-mail campaigns

When we talk about email marketing then we don’t mean spamming. Most of the email campaigns are considered spam.

Well, if you do it correctly as guided by seo new york you can create winning campaigns that actually bring customers. You need to collect your customer data for repeat sales.

Make sure you create email campaigns for abandoned carts. It is one of the very effective ways to turn a lead into a customer. Keep your emails simple and include a call to action. Don’t bombard customers inbox with spam.

4. Highlight customer reviews

Trust is one of the important things that influence customers buying decisions.  There are many things that contribute to building trust. Social proof or customer reviews are one of those.

Allow your customers to leave the review when they buy a product. Your potential buyers will read those comments. It will convince them to make a purchase.

5. Grow your brand

The ultimate goal of your business is to grow to other geographies. If you really want to expand your business nationally or internationally then you need to build a strong brand.

Pay special attention to branding elements such as logo, business card, letterheads, and product packaging. All these elements will contribute to a strong brand.

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