Tips To Hire A Professional SEO Service For Your Business

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Presenting your business to customers in the midst of intense competition is not something easy. You may take some paths such as to be active in any social media platform or conducting an advertising campaign. Or, you can choose a highly-effective way, which is optimizing your website by SEO strategy.

Right now, we will focus on the last and most effective way, SEO strategy. SEO is a series of efforts to push your website so it can appear on the Google SERP naturally, especially on the 1st page or TOP 10 queues. (SERP = Search Engine Result Pages)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) looks simple. It’s just about how to put a website on the best pages of Search Engines for targeted keywords. The problem is there are millions website has the same goal. This what makes it rather tough.

Actually, there are tons to do to get the perfect result for SEO. You have to do it perfectly to make it works. If you don’t, rather than appear on the Google pages, you may end up being grounded because of the penalty.

In fact, you may find a how-to tutorial about SEO on the internet. But, if you want this strategy to run efficiently, you need Jasa SEO Profesional service. Instead, you may end up in a boring and endless job without any result.

Tips to pick a professional SEO service

Why do you have to choose a professional SEO service for your business? The answer is simple because they know what to do and understand all processes to make it done. They have been in that world regularly so they can choose a quick, effective, and efficient way to do.

The problem right now is how do you know which professional SEO service to choose. Because there are many out there who claims to be a superior professional service.

These are some tips to pick a professional SEO service to optimize your website on Google SERP.

Check Their SEO.

Professional SEO Services should have their own website to promote their services. Because they work in those aspects including blogs and websites, it’s appropriate if they have one.

So the first thing to do is to make sure they have at least one website as their portfolio. Then you can conduct research on how good their website performance on Google SERP.

The minimum requirement they need to accomplish is a high ranking of their website. At least, when research based on their company’s name is being conducted.

The professional SEO services should get the first ranking when you conduct a search for their name through Google. You may check is there another page of their website on the first page of Google SERP.

Besides their website, you may check their activities on social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Business. If you can’t find any traces, you may question the commitment to support customers.

Check Their Transparency Policy

A professional SEO service won’t hide anything from its clients. The SEO process maybe a bit technical, but it doesn’t mean they don’t give the report data to their clients.

If they don’t mention any analysis data of your website, you may question their credibility.

The SEO strategy always needs data to be analyzed, so the SEO service can track which one needs to improve and optimize. Therefore, the changing performance of your website can be tracked before and after using the service.

You must ensure that you have access to the data analysis. If you need any explanation, you may ask them directly. But, a professional SEO service should give a report along with a brief explanation for common people. Therefore, clients can ask for further information in more detail.

Check Their Understanding of 3-Level SEO

To make a website ranks in Google SERP, there are 3 levels of SEO need to be applied.

Technical; involving all aspects of the website, including the website’s structure and navigation. All webpages must be designed to get easier to be indexed by the search engines algorithm. Therefore, not only the homepage, other webpages can have a high rank on Google SERP.

On-Page; involving all things inserted in every page; such as keyword, meta, and HTML tag to increase traffic from Google.

Off-Page; involving all aspects to do outside your website, such as link building strategy.

If you are a common person, understanding that 3 aspects in detail is quite difficult. But knowing how the thing works, although just a scratch, can help you decide whether the professional SEO service is reliable or not.

You can ask some questions about how they practice those 3 levels of SEO. Therefore, you can rate their capability, including the SEO service they offered.

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