5 Typography Trends in Web Design

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web design typographyWhether you are interested in designing a new website or giving your existing one a facelift, typography can play an integral role. Just changing the typeface can give your site a fresh look without the need for a complete overhaul. That is why you should buy fonts instead of using free and less appealing fonts.

But before you embark on making such changes in the web design, it is important that you are aware of today’s typography trends. After all, you want your website to have a modern appeal, don’t you? The 5 following trends will help you achieve that.


The use of serif font is gradually increasing. While previously, many assumed that the font was hard to read online, that is no longer true. The font features extra stroke that actually helps make the character’s pop out. Which is why it is commonly used for headings in banners and other content that you want to pop.

When selecting serif for your web design, you need to look at the style of lettering. You want to pick an option that has thicker strokes so the characters are easy to read and also pay heed to the spacing between the letters. Some serif fonts can be slightly difficult to read on websites due to not enough spacing. Serif offers users a wide range of typography to choose from squared characters to those with elaborate flourishes, more curves. With so much to offer, you can pick an option that appeals to you.

Undersized banner text

Gone are the days when the site’s main banner featured text that were oversized and in your face. Text size, in general, throughout the site is decreasing. Using oversized text can make the site overwhelming to users and as businesses move towards more professional and classy design, the undersized text is a growing trend.

While headlines on the main banners used to exceed 80 points in size, designers typically stick between the 50 to 70-point range today. With the secondary headline under the main one going as low as 23 to 30-point. Instead of focusing on the size of the text, they put more emphasis on how readable the font is. Text that has more curves and is easier on the eye is more commonly used than squared text with sharp edges.

The increased use of mobile devices to access websites is one key reason why designers are now going for undersized text. The transition from desktop to mobile sites is much easier this way as the text won’t appear too big or messy on mobile devices, scaling properly when undersized.

Text with cutouts and overlays effect

As websites go for a more simplistic design, text in banners and other elements can be used to add another layer to the design so it doesn’t seem too flat. Layered effects can help in providing that additional layer and cutouts and overlays are the perfect example.

Cutouts and overlays is an effect on the text that makes it transparent in color. Which means that whatever image is in the background shows through the text. Basically, forming the text through the image. The effect allows the text to pop while also making your site’s design a little more fun.


A gradient is typically overused in text and has a bad rap due to designers not using it correctly. However, using gradient in your text not only can make it pop out but gives it a professional feel. Ideal for banner text, you need to add the effect to the right part of the text, ideally the part you want to pop more, and use a different color for it from the rest of the text. So for example, if the text is black, you can use a blue gradient on the characters you want to pop. What gradient does is, it adds visual intrigue with color, making text less monotone.

Highlighted text

Visitors today have a smaller attention span than ever before. Which means, they don’t read word for word on a site and usually skim through it. Well, another way to grab their attention and draw their eyes to the content you want them to read is by highlighting it. Highlighted text is a growing trend on websites today especially those that feature a lot of content. The technique allows site owners to highlight exactly what visitors should read, in case of businesses their offerings, so they don’t miss out on them.


Typography is more important to the web design of your new business website than you may think. Implementing the slights change in typography can change the outlook of your site.

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