The Difference Between a Blog Page and Home Page on Download Review Websites

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When it comes to review websites you have to be careful how you project your product or software reviews versus your blog page. It is very easy to mix the two up and end up with reviews on your blog page. Therefore, we have come up with a few ideas to help you understand how you should manage your reviews page and how you should be using your blog pages to complement the review pages as well as your overall business operations themselves.

Using Your Blog Pages Effectively for Other Reviews

Rather than us beginning with the reviews themselves, which are effective sales pages, we will begin with how to use your blog. This way we can get rid of any confusion right here and now.

You should be using your blogs for interesting industry news, up and coming new releases, rehashed news about brands that you review, and also reviews that compare products. There should no actual product reviews here whatsoever.

  • News about your business
  • Brand news
  • News about up and coming new releases
  • Product or service comparison reviews
  • Industry news that users will find helpful
  • How to guides – depending on what you are selling

As you can see, there are a huge number of categories to cover on your website’s blog page. These could all be helpful to your site visitors and also help them further in their decision of which product to choose.

This can still become quite confusing because some services or products come with plenty of add-ons that need individual reviews. In this case, you will need to figure out a way to separate them. For example, check out c9betwin blog page. You will see on the website’s blog page video slot reviews. Now this website in fact reviews mobile casinos and not slots in particular.

However, you can imagine that at an online casino the slot games it provides are going to be important. For the players, they may want an online casino with a huge list of slot games, so how do you have a review site that can clearly review the products’ unique selling points (USPs)?

In c9betwin’s case, the casino reviews are on the home page and the slot reviews are in the blog. The slot game reviews are using a category called ‘video slots’ so the blog readers can quickly click on this category and see all the video slot reviews on one page.

On top of this, the website has cleverly noted that online slots are an important feature for the mobile casinos that it reviews, so if you check out the menu, there is an option to click on ‘Video Slots’ which will bring you directly to a category page that is especially for online slot reviews.

Let’s just recap here:

  • C9betwin focuses on online casino reviews
  • Video slot reviews are an important USP for casinos
  • Slots are reviewed on the c9betwin blog
  • Slot are categorized as ‘Video Slots’
  • Users can sort blogs into ‘Video Slots’
  • There is also a menu option

This is the perfect example of just how to get several reviews for two different subjects onto a blog page. What we have seen missing from this website’s blog is comparisons. The blog would be much improved if the c9betwin team decided to also add casino review comparisons. That said, one thing the website owners have got right here is the brand reviews as we can see a brand review for Playtech on there.

Deciding on Your Home Page’s Main Concept

The home page is always going to be the most important. We really don’t need to tell you this. In the case of the c9betwin reviews website, having a list of every casino that the site owners have reviewed on the homepage is extremely important. This is where clientele gets the option of choice.

Also, it gives site visitors that found the website via a brand name or advertisement that takes them to a specific page on the website a chance to see what else is available.

Other areas of the home page for review style websites can be useful for are introductions to what the website is about and FAQs. Both of these areas of the home page will help people understand further how they can get valuable information from the website, or even if this website is going to give them the information they need.

Sometimes the homepage will be so well defined and offer such accurate information it deters people from staying because they realize immediately that the info on this page is not what they are looking for. Some site owners may not like this because it means they lose traffic, but actually it does not matter. If people are bouncing off the site because the information is not what they are looking for, it means that you have done a very good job explaining exactly what it is your website offers.

FAQs are important for review websites because sometimes the paragraphed wall of text in the introduction is ignored. But when the visitor sees the FAQ portion, then because it is laid out in an almost bullet-pointed Q&A style giving the website visitors an engaging way to answer questions they already have and questions they may not have already thought of.

  • Homepages should display an overview of all reviews and brands
  • There should be an accurate introduction explaining why the review website is useful
  • Use an FAQ section at the bottom of the website to gives users more information

Important Landing Pages

Even though the homepage is important, that does not mean a popular product will not dominate and gain more traffic.

For instance, if we were to revisit c9betwin again, you will see a list of online casinos reviewed. Out of all of these casinos, one will better than the other. We couldn’t tell you which one because we don’t know exactly, although there are clues that we can search for. For instance, the side panel on the right (if you are using a desktop device) or the list of options at the bottom of the home page (if you are using a mobile device) says ‘The Most Popular Casinos’.

This tells us that these are the most visited pages on the website. Now up the top of the page is 3win8 right now. We are very sure this probably changes with trends in the market, but for arguments sake let’s stick to the Mega888 casino review example.

This could be the website’s most valuable page because there are so many visitors to this page. As a result, the homepage becomes less important. The branded Mega888 Casino page is where all the customers and readers are coming from, it pulls in the most traffic, and therefore the company will focus a lot of effort on adding all the information that is needed to this page.

Now if you click on the Mega888 casino review, you will see that there is tons of information added to this page. There are seven different boxes to click on to found out about download, online slots, the casino FAQs, and more.

The point here is that although the home page is always very important, there are also other pages on the website that could take precedence over the home page. If you are running a business and one section is making huge amount of profit, then you are going to do everything you can to make sure that section of the business offers the very best service, information, and value to your clientele.

  • Inside pages can also be landing pages and bypass the homepage
  • Some pages on the website will attract more visitors than the home page
  • Focus your efforts on brands that bring in a lot of traffic

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