6 Web Design Trends You Need to Know

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From the 1990s to the mid-2000s, web design evolved at a slow, gradual pace. However, since then, we have seen it rapidly change due to the constant advancement in technology. For your business website to stay relevant and generate traffic, staying ahead of the trend is a must.

We have the rundown on the latest trends in web design, so you know exactly what to do to make your site relevant.

Mindful, modern designs

The internet can be stressful and chaotic, you want to make sure your website isn’t. Users want to get away from the chaos and find information with ease. Therefore, your website should have a clean design, spacing text out, and utilizing white space. Users will appreciate you giving their eyes a chance to “breathe” by not overwhelming them with busy graphics and content.

This approach also aligns with Google’s algorithm, reducing your site load time due to less but relevant content. Making small changes to make the site easier on the eyes is sure to drive more traffic to it.

Dynamic content

The concept of dynamic content is still new but greatly increases user engagement. It essentially modifies the content displayed to users based on their location or past browsing behavior. Similar to how Facebook or Instagram automatically shows you ads based on your previous searches.

Dynamic content takes user experience to another level by the site adapting to the user’s preference. Users can get the information they need without digging through your website.

Unique fonts

Fonts aren’t just used to convey text anymore, it are now considered to be a part of the design. You can find many websites using custom fonts, which provide the following advantages:

  • Unique text
  • Highlighting important information
  • A more aesthetically appealing layout of content
  • Directing user’s attention towards the content

The latest trend with fonts is subtle changes with serifs and curls. Fonts that are easily adaptable to mobile devices are also key.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is an optical illusion that literally gives more depth to your website. The technique breaks the website into two, the background and foreground, with the former moving at a slower pace than the latter. The result is a 3D-like effect as users scroll down, providing an immersive browsing experience.


Like videos, micro animations are generally used to enhance engagement. But unlike videos, users don’t have to sit through a long explanation to understand an action they need to take, micro animation is instant.

The animation helps draw focus, it essentially highlights an action you want the user to take. For example, sign up for newsletters or find out more about a product. You can also add the animation to a form ‘submit’ button to draw users’ attention to it.

Just make sure to keep the animation simple and functional. Don’t overcomplicate it, especially by using too much of it. It will only confuse users.

One-page websites

To make accessing information easier, many businesses are opting for one-page web designs. These websites rely on dynamic scrolling to tell a story and relay important information about the business to users.

One-page websites allow users to get the information they need quickly. But of course, they may not be suitable for all businesses. 

Final thought

Websites continue to evolve to provide users with more functionality and enhance their experience. We continue to see trends that make it easier for users to find the information they need in the most unique, aesthetically appealing way. You don’t have to rack your brains on how to provide users with such a journey, just follow the trends mentioned above.

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