5 Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

web design tips for small businessesA website can make or break the impression of your business in a matter of seconds. In this hyper-competitive online business environment, you need to stand out in order to make your business successful.

Here are some useful web design tips for small business owners to get maximum out of their websites.

1. Quality Images

Using high-quality images is one of the most important design factors. High-quality images enhance the overall design and make a great impression on visitors. Make sure your website does not get slower by quality image. Always use a compression plugin like ShortPixel for lossless compression of the images. You can read the ShortPixel review for further details.

Similarly, quality stock photography is beneficial for illustrating concepts. If you are not selling any products online then make sure you use some quality images to illustrate your services. If you are selling a tangible product then make sure you use the high-quality images. Get professional photo editing services to make sure you have high-quality professional images.

2. SEO Friendly Design

As a website owner, it’s important to know how search engines work and then from that knowledge you can determine whether you can handle SEO internally or you need to outsource. There are companies like Kiwi Websites which offer to manage all aspect of your web design & development including the SEO. As a small business owner, you need to make sure your website is search engine optimization ready.

3. Add Engaging & Shareable Content

Most of the small business and corporate websites are stuffed with plenty of business information and corporate portfolios. Having information related to only your business is not enough. You need to add something which is interesting, engaging and shareable.

You can add the following types of content on your site.

  • Videos You can create information videos about your services & products.
  • Infographics Infographics are the visual form of content which is easy to absorb. It is one of the most shareable content types on the internet.
  • Poll Polls are the best way to collect people’s feedback and engage them.
  • Blog Post Provide value to your readers with information and interesting blog post. Don’t always stick with promoting your own services though.
  • Tools & Widgets If you run an insurance company, you can simply add the calculator to engage the users.

4. Unique Content

Copying content from other websites is not only hurt your SEO but also it hurts your website in the long run. It exposes you to liability for copyright infringement. Make sure that all the text and photographs that you use are original or you’ve got permission from whoever created them. It’s better to have a coming soon page on your website than a page that has text that’s copied from another website. Unique content is key for a successful SEO campaign.

5. Fresh Web Design

As a business owner, you need to change your web design every two to three years. As a web developer, I can testify to the fact that every year there’s something significantly different about the way we build websites. As they say “a two-year-old website can be very old”.

Either due to new advancements in technology or new requirements for showing up in search engines or simply a new trend in design or functionality. Now because of this, if your site’s more than two years old you could be missing out on any of these items. Make sure you update the design of your website every two to three years.

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